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Blackfoot Motosports Testimonials

Submitted By Denise, May 20th, 2022
I am writing to you at Blackfoot motorsports because of the exceptional service I’ve received from your people. It started with Simon in your BMW sales department. He has been so helpful and knowledgable that it made it an easy choice to buy a BMW from Blackfoot. He answered all my questions, and there were many, with professionalism and thoughtfulness. Then last Monday I had my bike in for its first service. Marc Anthony was at the service desk. He took a lot of time answering all of my questions and showing me different features on my bike. Your mechanic Darren was also extremely helpful when explaining the work that he had done and how it impacted the successful operation of my bike. And he has such a kind manner. With there being so much negative social media, I feel it important that you know these three people gave what I consider to be above and beyond normal service from a business. I will definitely refer people to Blackfoot motorsports! Thank you so very much!

Submitted By Tom, March 13th, 2021
Compliment Simon Armstrong, I have been dealing with Simon as I researched buying an adventure bike. He is very gregarious, knowledgeable and has a professional customer based focus when ensuring the bike the customer selects is best suited for the purposes and skill set of the rider. I have been a customer of Blackfoot Motorsports for 34 years and Simon stands out as one of the best representatives of Blackfoot Motorsports that I have had the pleasure to deal with. Sincerely, Tom

Submitted By Terry, July 4th, 2020
Hi Miles, Sorry for the delayed response. After purchasing Ducatis in Edmonton, Saskatoon, California and now Calgary, I would have to say my experience with BF, with the purchase of my 2020 Ducati SF has been very good. Largely due to my experience with dealing with you as a sales specialist, you worked hard to answer all my questions as mundane as some of them might have been. You got me the deal on the bike I was after, even though you had to run up and down those stairs several times to do so…I felt you were always in my corner trying to do the best for me you could…what more could I ask. You knew the Ducati brand well, you knew the 2020 SF well, you even showed me how to use the launch control on the BF’s demo SF, you were second to none with the QDP. As I already have multiple Ducatis, you did not have to sell me on the brand, but sell my on the BF experience….and you did that with flying colors…. you were my BF experience. Well done Miles !

Submitted By Johan, June 12th, 2020
Hi there. I just want to share my experience with you regarding Simon. I recently bought R1250gsa- love it. The first time I had contact with Simon was through a text message. Found the nr on your website. It was on a weekend and he wasn’t even at work. Still, he made me feel very important and was amazingly helpful. I basically bought the bike over text message- thats how good Simon is. He is so knowledgeable and has an absolute pasion for what he does. Also due to his own experience with riding- he can really give advice that works and helps. He doesn’t have to use “sales tricks”- it s just natural for him. Thats more than what any salesman has done for me. I’ve been in Canada for 21 years and bought a lot of vehicles/few bikes and has a lot of experience with salesman. Not Simon, he is amazing. All the other salesman that I worked with, will kinda ignore you after the sale and just refer you to someone else, and its here that Simon takes the lead. I texted him numerous times after the sale with questions etc. He booked my first service. He deals with all my questions ( not sales related)- service/gear/accessories- everything. Never once said that its not his department. Just helped me. I want you to know this. He makes your company better- maybe even the best. He is definitely an asset to Blackfoot. Thank you

Submitted By Glenn, January 18th, 2020
Hi all, I don't know if you have been here but I'm born in Calgary and we are always at North stores for bike parts etc. That changed today. The whole team but especially Mike Becker ; who spent so much time with us as well as being so sincere and we only spent 20 bucks felt like we spent 20k. What a great place to go everyone !!! Even with times like these downturn hold on Alberta - I love that store and those guys. Thanks Mike and team !!!

Submitted By Andrea, December 20th, 2019
I just bought Yamaha Tenere at Blackfoot Motosport last week and I have to say that Dorian W. is one of the best sales representatives I have ever met. I had such an amazing experience and I really appreciate Dorian's help.

Submitted By Daniel, October 2nd, 2019
Dave B at Blackfoot was 110% working for me to help me make sense of a bike purchase that I wanted to make. He was fast to respond to emails, quick to offer solutions, and definitely gave me the impression that he wanted to leave me happy. Highly recommend these guys - great customer service.

Submitted By Rick, September 24th, 2019
Thanks wone and the whole team for doing a great job with my trade in and new purchase!

Submitted By Heron, August 16th, 2019
Just purchased my dream bike, a 2019 Ninja 1000 abs from Blackfoot and had an amazing experience from start to finish!! Ron, George, Linley and Becker from parts and accessories and the rest of the team made the purchase easy and effortless. I wondered why I never bought from them before. If you’re looking for some really down to earth, good people who seem really happy helping others out with their dream rides, then this is the place to go. Thanks so much guys!!!

Submitted By Dennis, June 11th, 2019
I've been a regular customer since 2011 and have bought multiple bikes, parts / accessories and general consumables throughout the years. Your enthusiastic staff members always seem to roll out the 'red carpet' for me whenever I visit. If I had to pick one outstanding member right now, it's most definitely Scott Furlong!

Submitted By Arther, April 23, 2019
"Outstanding, Above and Beyond!" I recently purchased a Triumph Street Triple from Blackfoot Motosports and I was blown away from the amazing service I received. It all started when Dave started a conversation with me and recommended a motorcycle safety course after learning I had zero clue about motorcycles. He gave me lots of tips regarding how to start riding and shared many stories of his own endeavors as well. After taking the motorcycle safety course I knew exactly where I would go to get a new motorcycle. Dave walked through the whole process with me and was concise, prompt, friendly and understanding the entire way. He then referred me to Tabitha to complete the deal, and she made signing the papers feel like I was doing autographs. I felt very comfortable purchasing this motorcycle and before taking delivery, Dorian made me feel I was part of the family and gave me worldly advice that assured me that I could ride with confidence one day. His walk through was exceptional and thorough, I've purchased many vehicles in my life and never had I experienced such outstanding service. I know who I will talk to when I need a new motorcycle, and I definitely know who to refer people to when they need a motorcycle. Dave and Dorian went above and beyond, and I sincerely appreciate the amazing positive experience I received.

Submitted By Mark, April 19, 2019
Have been trying to fix my bike over the cold season, and went here to get some help. Jay helped me a lot, and gave some great recommendations. Will definitely be back here in the summer

Submitted By Robert, April 11, 2019
For sure, last weeks snow will melt off and hopefully, warm weather will arrive, but it looks like my '04 Honda VTX bought last month at Blackfoot may only be going out for short practice runs for the next couple of weeks. Before purchasing my VTX I spent quite a bit of time looking online at the demos and used machines shown on the Blackfoot website. Stopping in at the showroom, I really enjoyed meeting up with and, wish to thank Tobi who, very patiently took the time to show me many bikes, answer my numerous questions and point out various features of each. More importantly, based on his riding experience, I do appreciate him suggesting bikes that would match both my experience level and ability. Again, based on his experiences, he explained riding safely requires the gear, focus, co-ordination, driving defensively and being aware of ever changing road conditions. Must also add that at time of handing over the bike Tob went over numerous points for basic running and mtce inspects. Am certainly looking forward to putting some kms on my Honda when ever summer gets here.

Submitted By Darm, Jan 7, 2019
Have been trying to fix my bike over the cold season, and went here to get some help. Jay helped me a lot, and gave some great recommendations. Will definitely be back here in the summer

Submitted By Cale, August 20, 2018
Just got home on saturday morning and have been trying to recoop from the trip. wanted to say thanks again for the hospitality and thanks for the amazing route you set me up with!!!!!!!!! it turned my trip into AWESOME! i really want to look into buying a little bit of land up there a bit south of trout lake and one day put a small cabin on it to visit. fell in love with that area down there along the river!!!!!! i ended the trip with 6,300 miles and 12 days. most of it was near hell but the route you set me up on saved the trip seriously! having spent far more than ample time sitting on a bike alone at all hours of the day and night i thought a lot about why and why and why. i came to the conclusion that i was searching for something that theres a lot better answer for and therefore the 990 will be for sale or trade as soon as i can get the oil changed in her and get her a new rear tire. not sure if its something i could trade to you guys or if yall would ever be interested in it. i do plan on buying a new 19 350sxf asap like i said last week and will either sell the 990 or trade it to yall if it works out. again it was awesome meeting you and I'm super grateful for saving me trip and just being cool when my day was turning slightly bad lol.

Submitted By Kim, Aug 15, 2018
Good afternoon René,
I just thought I would take a moment to express my thanks to you and Tobi for the outstanding good times spent in Nelson this past weekend. To those others involved please also extend my gratitude as I know to setup such a well-run and organized event at what was a great venue is a formidable undertaking completed by a dedicated and hardworking team. René thank you for your company on the way home trying to stay with you and that GT 1600 was a lot of fun, although maybe next time we’ll give the Fernie A and W a miss and Hwy 22 is just a necessary evil made tolerable by being on a motorcycle. I enjoyed the patter around the table meeting a nice group of people and getting to know you and Tobi a bit better. Tobi thank you for your well received assistance and helpful comments, having some experience as an instructor myself I can quite readily recognize your skill as an instructor and your ability on a motorcycle is inspiring. Thank you both and to those others behind the scenes who also contributed to this successful Nelson Weekend – Well done.

Submitted By Eric, July 18, 2018
I recently purchased a motorcycle at Blackfoot and had exceptional service by Sales Specialist Rene' Fontaine. He was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the BMW line of bikes. He answered all of my questions succinctly (there were many) and worked through all of the concerns that I had. I liked that he was very patient with my decision making, gave me lots of space to ponder my 'big purchase' yet was always attentive and nearby to help out. Some of the fine print and advertised incentives that may or may not have been available due to the dealer registering the bike were a little daunting to work through but overall I had a great experience and really appreciated the work that Rene' did... Thank you!

Submitted By Eric, July 11, 2018
The gang at Blackfoot are awesome. Simon in sales is knowledgeable and great to deal with. Always follows up on questions and concerns. Definite asset to the business. Recently the service department squeezed me in on a quick ride through Calgary. Greatly appreciated. See ya soon. I need a new lid.

Submitted By Alex, June 15, 2018
I've wanted a bike for quite some time and finally found exactly the one that checked all the boxes for me at Blackfoot. Simon helped me buy the thing and get it delivered. Andrew in the gear department really helped me out in picking the right stuff. They truly couldn't have been more helpful while I navigated through this entirely new experience. Thanks a lot gents!

Submitted By Blake, June 4, 2018
Andrew and his team in 'Street' are some of the best people you will find anywhere. Outrageously knowledgeable and courteous, they consistently – at least in my case – do that much more to ensure the experience is first-rate. Most recently Andrew went to great lengths to help me with a factory defect on a premium helmet; resolving the issue brilliantly. Weekends, evenings, day or night, that guy will call or SMS simply to give you the play-by-play and offer some coaching of his own on process; never a dull or unkind moment. All that said, look in any direction once you arrive and you will very likely be met with a friendly smile and full support. Ron N., Megan, Carly, Mike, Jay, Pat et al. treat my friends and I like family. Now I just have to find another reason to get back there!

Submitted By Austin, June 1, 2018
Super friendly staff who are passionate about the toys they sell. I was helped by David Bloomfield and he was knowledgeable, nice and helpful at showing me around the bikes that they have. Having a genuine salesman makes all the difference.

Submitted By Gord, May 30, 2018
Thank you very much for your help. I compliment you and the store. Despite it being a fairly simple purchase I was treated extremely well and everyone was very friendly. I was nothing less than pleasantly surprised at the experience.

Submitted By James, May 15, 2018
Doug, Not sure you’ll remember me – I came in a couple weeks ago looking at a new MT-07; you spent a good hour walking me around the store looking at various bikes, all the way back to the MT-07 which I bought and the point I found out you weren’t a salesman :) . From the point I walked in the store, to this morning when I picked up the bike it was an excellent experience. To start, Rarely do you see the president/ceo of a company spend that much attention/time on a single customer. Second, Davey (David B) was great, quick to answer my questions, kept me up-to-date on the status of the bike, and didn’t feel like a salesman Lastly, I have to give a HUGE shout-out to Taylor; She spent a crazy amount of time getting me setup in my gear (and still managed to help the other 10 customers), had great suggestions, and helped solidify my opinion of your company. You’ve definitely found another life-long customer.

Submitted By Sean, May 11th, 2018
Thanks again not only for selling me that amazing machine but also for the incredible welcome I received yesterday at the store. I've never felt so good about a purchase decision as I did after walking out with keys in hand and a huge smile on my face.

Submitted By Manyakus, March 12, 2018
I recently purchased an item online and had some problem with the item. Customer service was the best in the business. Their manager called me and rectified the problem directly. This is what I called a "Top Notch" company. I recommend this company over all the others company you know or might know in the future.

Submitted By Jason N, February 17, 2018
My name is Jason and I recently purchased a 2016 Yamaha R1. I just wanted to say I had a very positive experience in my purchase with you guys. Aristotle was very good and knowledgeable with the product. Justin in finance was on point and it was a very relaxing experience. Rene was great as well showing me the features of the bike. I would not hesitate to purchase another bike from you guys again. I have 3 other sport bikes and deal with your parts guys on what seems like a weekly basis. Haha. They are very patient with what I am looking for and if there’s a mistake there quick to correct it. The way you guys run is top notch. First class I would say. I myself am in the automotive business and I know you only hear about the bad and never the good. So I just wanted to share this with you. Keep it up. I look forward to doing more business with you guys in the near future.

Submitted By Paul B, Oct 27, 2017
I had my 2009 F800GS in a few weeks ago due to unusual top end noise. Staff at the service counter were helpful and took down a detailed description of my issue and had my bike unloaded right away. As it turns out there was an excessive amount of dust that had gotten past the air filter and the intake valves were tight. The bike only received the required service and there were no surprises when I picked up the bike except maybe paying a little less than I was expecting! I took my bike to Moab a few days later and what difference! Noise was gone (or back to normal) and very noticeable power gains. Thanks for the good service work Sebastian!

Submitted By Ken B, Sept 27, 2017
Bought my bike back in June , I have to say I been impress by Ron Newman advice and service , this is a gentlemen knowing the business , he took the time even without a appointment in a busy day to help me in my trade and over that the bike was ready for the weekend! Thank s to Ron and his team! Ken B

Submitted By Tim H, Aug 16, 2017
The reason for my email is we often complain when service is poor, but do not let people know when it is good. On Thursday July 13, I stopped by near the end of the day to look at some motocross helmets. As soon as I got to the helmet area, one of your staff, who was helping another customer, acknowledge me right away and let me know they would be able to help me shortly - no problem I was in no rush and wanted to browse anyway. When she was finished with the other customer she immediately came over to assist me. I would not have been surprised if she had been a bit out of sorts though, because from my perspective it appeared her previous customer had given her quite the hard time. However, that was not the case at all. She was pleasant, smiling, and engaging. She took time to find out what I was looking for (even listened to my story of why I needed a new helmet in the first place) and started offering suitable options, explaining the benefits and features of each. She provided several options to try on and helped me narrow down what I liked and worked. I hadn't planned on looking at chest protectors that day, but after being so helpful with the helmets I decided to see what was new. Again she was super helpful and provided great information for me to consider. I didn't end up buying anything that day, but when I do, I will be coming back to talk to Jordan. Jordan did a great job and was so awesome to deal with - wouldn't even know the previous customer had given her a hard time Thanks to Jordan for great service and representing Blackfoot Motorsports in a professional manner. Tim H

Submitted By Brian L, Aug 10, 2017
We are all too quick to send hate email but never take the time to acknowledge outstanding efforts. Rowen helped me out in the purchase of a new BMW Enduroguard suit. It was a daunting task with respect to the pants but in the end Rowen made things happen for me and I truly appreciate being able to attend the BMW rally in Salt Lake City this coming weekend in my new suit. Argyll, my local dealership totally dropped the ball with their clothing line...nuff said. Please ensure that Rowen is complimented on his excellent customer service in my particular case and my impression of him is that he is an all round great guy that likes to ensure people like myself leave happy. Brian

Submitted By Roger, July 18, 2017
A big thanks to you and your staff who made the buying experience great. I will be purchasing a pair of dirt/trail bikes come spring based on this positive experience. This bike is quite different than the first generation model I had. -more power everywhere -better quality suspension -smoother engine (refined efi?) -handles better -better seat Have a great summer Roger

Submitted By Colby D, July 16, 2017
I just bought my first bike ever from Tyler LeBlanc at Blackfoot Motorsports. As a first time rider at the age of 41 there was a lot of new information to ask and take in. Tyler was great, and definitely steered me in the right direction! I am now the proud owner of a 2016 Yamaha FJ09. What a great bike. One of the fantastic parts was that Tyler offered to follow me home on my new bike as I still didn't have my class 6 license. This was above and beyond! What fantastic from the whole team. Thanks so much. Colby

Submitted By Todd B, June 29, 2017
Just dealt with Daniel W. in parts. Ordered tires and a replacement turn signal for my GSX1250FA. Dan was great on the phone, was extremely patient as I did not have the exact tire size at hand. Thanks Dan for you help and professionalism.

Submitted By Oral D, June 23, 2017
A couple of months ago I contact blackfoot re the purchase of a new 1200RT.
Davey was kind enough to take it seriously and engage. He has also done a great job since, being honest and straight forward. He has had the opportunity to meet my wife and youngest son. All have been impressed with his down to earth approach and helpfulness. I have had the opportunity to now buy a lot of bikes over the years and Davey has been one of the best sales people.
The key point of my email is to acknowledge is work and approach.
There is quite a back story to all of this which Davey would not be aware of….maybe parts since we met… But a little of the back story…
My family and I previously lived in Calgary (our three children born in Calgary). We left 20 yrs this fall and decided to coming back in June and spend 3 weeks connecting with old friends as well as business. I have been riding motorcycles since 18 years old, but the only period I didn’t have a bike was in Calgary. Too busy with career, education, young family, etc etc etc From Calgary we moved to New York and then on to Singapore (where we have been for 16 years) And in the process got more fortunate that I would ever have dreamed along lifes journey. When we decided to come spend time in Calgary I decided to buy a bike. Then one thing led to another as I had had a dream to cross north America on a motorcycle at 19-20yrs old. (I am originally from newfoundland, (one of the original families to settle there from the est country of England over 500 yrs ago) (I grew up 50km from the most easterly point in north america) My mother convinced me back then to do the trip in a car which resulted in circumnagivating north America, 20000km in six week. Included part of the trip, my mother, grandmother, and girlfriend at the time (now wife of 32 years) I didn’t get the chance to cross north amreica on a bike at that time. So this time in coming to Calgary I started to conceive of a trip….
Maybe first was a trip to Alaska to the most westerly point in north amreica (homer Alaska) Then to the most westerly point in Canada mainland, prince Rupert… And then on to new York, were we have a house, and then on to newfoundland, our home there and the most esterly point in north America. When completely it will be tip to tip in North America, tip to tip in Canada, and tip to tip in the US…. This was an expanded version of the dream 35 years ago…
I just finished the first leg, 11,000km, Calgary, Whitehorse, faribanks, ancorarage, homer, prince Rupert, and arrived in Vancouver yesterday. The bike is now being serviced at BMW in Vancouver. There the kind lady in service when se knew the story fit me in for servicing within 2 days of my approaching them When there are booking for servicing till August. Another exactly of good BMW curstomer service. Davey was kind enough to provide the contact information.
Anyway, I could go on there s a lot more to the story…. but I have already typed 90% more than I had intended.
Thanks for the help of BMW. Thanks to Davey for time and thought.

Submitted By Dennis A, May 17, 2017
Recently purchased my 3rd bike from BF, among other things... Excellent service, as always.

Submitted By Allie W, May 13, 2017
Nice to see Blackfoot supporting community members in their racing endeavors!

Submitted By Jim G, May 13, 2017
We started with Blackfoot back in the 70's. Time and circumstances took us away until this year when I bought my Kawasaki Nomad from Blackfoot. The sales team were wonderful in knowledge and ability to buy the motorbike. Since then Jo Sobic has been looking after all my parts and accessories needs. Jo is a main reason I will keep coming back to Blackfoot due to his knowledge and customer service excellence. Jo makes an old and original customer like me feel like part of the Blackfoot family which will keep me coming back and highly recommending Blackfoot Motosports. Thank you Jo and thank you Blackfoot for having such high quality employees.

Submitted By Joanne R, May 13, 2017
Shout out to Jordan V who helped out my daughter today find dirt bike gear. Jordan was very patient and made great suggestions for what we needed. Her customer service was great!

Submitted By John B, May 8, 2017
Picked up my Daytona 675R on Saturday and would like to thank Simon for his help with the purchase etc. He was easy to deal with from when we first looked the previous Saturday and allowed us the time to discuss tings with no pressure to buy. Once the decision was made to buy the bike he kept me informed during the week on how things were progressing with getting it ready for me to collect. Thanks to all John.

Submitted By Aline, May 6, 2017
I stopped by Blackfoot Motorsports to pick up the last few items items needed for a road trip. As usual, it was like stopping in to see family and friends! I ran into and caught up with a couple fellow riders and staff members who are always happy to chat. This is a welcome change from often being ignored in bike shops, being a woman. Matt W. went out of his way to ensure I got the parts I needed and recommending other items he would bring along as well. Knowing that he has heaps of experience and knowledge made me confident in taking his recommendations and advice. Thanks Matt! Matt W., Brent C., Mike B., Rowen A., Tobi L., Rozzi Lee, you guys are awesome!

Submitted By Joe Carol G, May 3, 2017
Talk about a whole bunch of passionate friendly folks. I felt so well taken care of. AND they put on fantastic events.

Submitted By Chris B, May 1, 2017
Great and knowledgeable staff that assist you during and after the purchase of a bike, gear or service. Great selection of some of the best new bikes as well as some well maintained used bikes.

Submitted By Jeremy H, April 29, 2017
I just bought a Street Triple R from the Blackfoot gang and can say that my expectations were absolutely exceeded. Michael S. made the long-distance transaction easy (I'm in Fort McMurray) and was ready and available to answer questions and confirm details of the bike and the transaction. His tour of the Blackfoot facility and page-by-page review of the bike and owners manual was the icing on the cake. Thanks Michael, and Roz for the reference and motivation through your v-logs! Cheers to the team and many miles n' smiles!!

Submitted By Brenda K, April 2 2017
Great service! I had sales person David Bloomfield. He rocked. I bought a new 2016 Kawasaki Vulcan S. Davie was very knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Cynthia in finance was tremendous to deal with throughout the entire deal. Can't wait to go back just to visit.

Submitted By Philip G, March 27, 2017
To all whom are looking for a amazing place to go for Gear, accessories, new bike Blackfoot motorsports is the place to go. This company has definitely surpassed the 5 star marker. Blaire from Blackfoot, who from what I have now seen from the rest of the crew are super friendly, knowledgeable and take pride their job as well as assisting their customers. Big thank you to Blaire and Justin Swanson for all your help, now I am the proud owner of a new 2017 Kawasaki z900abs. I tip my hat to the ladies and gentle of this company for you have helped so many individuals rejuvenate that smile for powers sports

Submitted By Monti T, Feb 26, 2017
I went to this store last week and had a specific bike I wanted to look at. I was excited to go there as we live out of town and hadn't been there for about five years.

I talked to Mike Szeles in the Triumph section and he was very helpful. He was familiar with the bike I was interested and told me had recently been down in Florida for a test ride on it. He was very knowledgable and helpful. He also told me about some of the similarities between the bike and some of the other models they carried. In the end he took down my name and number so he could give me a call when the models arrived. We talked for about five minutes.

When I was looking in the clothing and parts sections I was asked if I needed any help. I bought some cable lubricant and the cashier was very pleasant.

Overall, I had a good experience there.

Submitted By Adam F, Feb 25, 2017
Thanks Tyler @BlackfootOnline great service, know your products and timely response to email. Look forward to picking up the bike.

Submitted By Dan W, Feb 24, 2017
Helpful staff and an awesome atmosphere are why i keep returning to this company

Submitted By Jesse, Feb 23, 2017
Blackfoot team is the best. Best bike service shop & service team I have encountered. I was a frustrated customer from the lack of help in an Edmonton shop, not to mention names but it's on 63 Avenue Edmonton that was no help... Blackfoot trouble shot my bikes issue & repaired it under warranty no questions asked. They always keep me in the loop & will drive 3 hour one way to get the A++ service My bike requires!!! Thanks Blackfoot Motorsports, you rock!!!!!! Jesse H BMW HP4 guy.

Submitted By dskears, Feb 23, 2017
Best service I have had so far in Alberta .

Submitted By Les P, Feb 21, 2017
Great selection of motorcycles and accompanying gear.

Submitted By Darryl B, Feb 15, 2017
I want to reach out and provide my very positive feedback for Jovan. I’ve dealt with parts and sales team members at many bike dealers in Calgary over the years and I have endless bad stories. This is consistent across my entire riding group. Joe stands out miles above the rest when it comes to customer service. I’ve ordered parts from him over the phone and in person and I always receive a consistently high level of service. On a few occasions he has found better solutions after the fact and has called me to follow up. Joe is one exception to an entire industry that I’ve lost faith in.   
Tell him to keep up the awesome level of service!
Darryl B

Submitted By Trevor K, Jan 29, 2017
Calgary's premier motor cycle and accessory shop. The staff are friendly and helpful, leaving no question unanswered.

Submitted By Danny W, Jan 28, 2017
WOW!! Amazing place service was perfect with 110% respect, gave a tour of the shop which had glass tables and was probably cleaner then your kitchen. Funny salesmen clean and professional. Suggested for all Albertans thanks Blackfoot motorsports for the great morning!!

Submitted By Robin K, Jan 23, 2017
Hi Cynthia , Jeff and Tyler,
Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time and helping me through the purchase of the new toy.
I appreciate the fact that you answered all my questions at the show, and it was really great having Cynthia’s bike there to see and her to talk about it.
Thanks Jeff for getting her ready and Tyler for keeping me informed.
Cheers to you all.
See you soon as playtime is fast approaching. (I hope…)
Robin K

Submitted By Henning B, Jan 14, 2017
Hi Ron, A pleasure to deal with you for sure. Thank you for the tour of the shop and introducing me to everyone. You have a very professional and capable group of technicians that get to work in a dream shop. Seems like full factory. I'm very excited to get riding my new bike and spring is not far away now. Of course the visitor from Poland showed us this weather is no big deal :) I am checking the KTM hard parts catalogue for a set of those outrigger skis. Ron, I appreciate the high degree of professionalism from you and your group. Thank you for all the things that made my new bike purchase such an enjoyable experience. Happy trails Ron. Cheers Henning B

Submitted By Graham S, November 30, 2016
It has been such a pleasure purchasing my last three bikes from you all. (BMW K1600GT, R1200RT, Triumph Tiger 800XCa) The service and parts people are fantastic. You greet me by name; how great is that?! Your the best and I will sing your praise.

Submitted By David S, November 4, 2016
Great support and service from Simon. He helped me with my BMW purchase and was patient with my endless questions and waffling! They are there for ongoing support and I will continue to learn from these knowledgeable people. This is our third bike from Blackfoot. We have never been disappointed with their service, knowledge and support.

Submitted By Kevin F, November 2, 2016
It was good to meet like minded bikers. People who truly love bikes. I will be back and may purchase my next bike there if they have what I'm looking for. Thanks guys

Submitted By Method Visual, Oct 27, 2016
Huge clean store with great selection and low pressure sales.

Submitted By Geoff L, Oct 19, 2016
Had an issue with a fork air bleeder on a duel sport I purchased privately. My issue was repaired within 10 minutes. Everyone at Blackfoot was great to deal with. Thanks shop foreman Jeff and everyone else. Highly recommend Blackfoot Motorsports.

Submitted By David G, Oct 9, 2016
I just purchased my first bike in many a year from here! I have to say, I was VERY impressed with the level of service from my sales guy, Simon Armstrong!! Professional, understanding , and a strong commitment to making my experience a Great one! I could go on gushing, but that might seem lke a bromance forming! Lol. And a very big thank you to Davey and Cynthia for makng things so smooth on pick up day today!!! 10 for 10!!!

Submitted By Melissa S, Sept 25, 2016
Brought my preowned bike in with 5 days left of the warranty because some issues came up. Blackfoot fixed all the issues, no questions asked, great experience from purchase till present.

Submitted By Michael F, Sept 17, 2016
Great staff , always very helpfull. Great selection. Its my one stop shop.

Submitted By Ian D, Sept 5, 2016
Hi Guys,
I was one of the Aussie KTM riders who arrived on your doorstep on the Friday of your July long weekend.
I can say that the service was well above what was expected. We got new tyres (we emptied your shelves) and had numerous other bits fixed or replaced.
We all were amazed at the level of service, and you also let some of our guys work on their own bikes in the workshop. That’s not very likely to happen back here in Oz.
So, I’d just like to say a huge thank you and we’ll be back some time next year. We’ll give you advanced warning next time!
Ian Douglas

Submitted By Sam O, Aug 26, 2016
I just want to thank Kris LeBlanc so much for being him. The guy has so much passion and love for what he does. My aprilia had been sitting around dead for months and he reached out to me over social media a few weeks ago. I brought my bike in Wednesday morning and I was receiving updates by the afternoon. The following day, I had a video of my once dead bike alive! I couldn't be happier that we crossed paths. Thanks Kris and Blackfoot! I can't thank you enough for saving what's left of my riding season

Submitted By Thomas R, Aug 15, 2016
Being from the Edmonton area, I don't get to go to Blackfoot that often. They carry a wide selection of motorcycles and gear.

Submitted By Larry F, Aug 12 2016
just wanted to say Thanks to Mike Klausen and staff at Blackfoot cycle for fantastic service. I purchased a Shuberth C3 Pro Helmet last summer, I had some issues with water leaking past the visor. I spoke to the Shuberth Rep during the Calgary Motorcycle show, he advised me to send it to Shuberth in California for Warranty Issues, so $ 75.00 later out of my pocket it landed in California. Its was "repaired" and sent back with a list of excuses. First time riding in the rain, it leaked worse. I called Blackfoot, for the contact information of Shuberth as no one was returning my phone calls. They gave me the same information. Finally after many calls, they got back to me. Off the helmet went again at my expense, They could find nothing wrong, Mike got wind of my troubles with Shuberth, and offered a replacement until the issue was fixed, as it is now riding season. In the end Shuberth replaced the helmet, however I'm sure that it would have taken much longer if Blackfoot hadn't stepped in. I have always had great service, since I bought my first New bike back in the 80's.. Thanks again Larry...

Submitted By Rob H, Aug 11, 2016
I've been dealing with a string of starting issue on my R1200GSA 2008. The service I received from Blackfoot's service Dept. was awesome. They went above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you!

Submitted By Pat P, Aug 1, 2016
Day 7 of 14 for 11 Australians riding around BC and Vancouver our own KTM 990, 690 & 640s that we shipped over in a container. Leaving Calgary for Banff this Saturday morning and found oil dripping off one of my front forks. What was meant to be a short ride up the road turn out to be a full afternoon in the workshop dismantling and fitting new fork seals to the front of the bike and replacing a worn bearing on the head stem. The KTM Dealer Blackfoot Motorsports in Calgary were absolutely fantastic in helping us repair the bikes. We lobbed on their door on Friday afternoon with 2 bikes in a tow truck and ute. They accommodated all of our tyre changes, electrical problems, fuel pump issues and also allowed us to do some prep work. Having run truck workshops most of my life I feel like I have helped a lot of people out and consider myself to supply my customers the best service possible.
The guys at Blackfoot Motorsports were amazing with their commitment and understanding of our situation as we were a group touring BC and Alberto on a group ride/ Holiday and they went over and above to help us out. Thank you to Toby and Dan at Blackfoot moto. The attitude I experience from the service and parts department were second to none.
A great team.
Well done guys.

Submitted By Caylee K, July 30 2016
First time dealing with them after I got a bike second hand, very happy with everyone I dealt with especially Jeff in service who explained everything he did and worked hard to get me back on 2 wheels !! Very much appreciated!

Submitted By Kelli-Rae E, July 12 2016
Ahhhhhmazing staff thank you!! Tyler, Brent and Mark were especially wonderful. The entire staff is awesome and makes us want to keep coming back from Lethbridge! Thank you

Submitted By Jason L, July 6 2016
Nothing but good things to say about Blackfoot motorsports! Went in on a Saturday to have my old bike looked at,came out with a brand new bike instead! Love it!

Submitted By Roger S, June 27 2016
Hi Rene,
Quick note to thank you for all your help last Friday. I appreciate you guys getting me out of there the same day. I was out on bike most of the weekend. It’s a beast! Getting used to the size pretty quick. Super comfy on highway! Had it up on mountain backroads yesterday. I still need to tweak the ergo set up for standing and get some knobbies on but I’m loving it so far.
Was great chatting with Doug in the store on Friday too. Blackfoot is just plain awesome! See you in a couple of weeks!

Submitted By Lyle G, June 24 2016
Thank you very much Simon. It has been my pleasure as well. It is not very often a salesperson impresses me these days, but your knowledge of BMW motorcycles, and the entire industry, is beyond reproach. Thank you for spending the required time to fulfill my journey. All the best and I’ll see you tomorrow at 10:00am. Sincerely Lyle

Submitted By Daniel D, June 2 2016
I want to thank Jay Fox and Aristotle for making my buying process so pleasant and worry free. They are good salesmen and amazing people. This dealership is awesome and I have bought two bikes from here, the latest being a 2015 Ktm Rc390. They shipped the bike to me in Victoria Bc and I was amazed with how quickly everything got done right from my first phone call to Aristotle. Thank you so much guys!!! I love the bike and ride it everyday. I will highly recommend this dealership. I Love the customer care at Blackfoot motosports.

Submitted By Olav K, June 1 2016
Great service at the parts counter. Personal attention from staff and owners. Nobody looked down their nose at my 30 year old bike, and instead got down and dirty with me into the parts catalogue and got me what I needed to get it streetworthy again. It helps when their own staff are bike guys who are doing the same thing you are and they're willing to share their knowledge and experience. Thanks Blackfoot for making this a pleasant journey!

Submitted By Shawn S, May 28 2016
I just purchased a 2016 Aprilia Tuono from David. Awesome customer service, very passionate and knowledgeable. One of the best buying experiences I've ever had. They gave me a more than fair trade in and Kevin gave me a ride home. Thanks guys. The dealership as a whole is very impressive and great to see the changes that have been made over my previous visit many years ago. Keep up the good work.

Submitted By Brent P, May 16 2016
A big thanks to Rossie for making the arrangements to ride the GS 1200 and working diligently to make sure that the ride happened. What a great bike.
Also thank you to Andrew in apparel. Andrew guided myself and my spouse throughout the purchase of our riding gear. Andrew's product knowledge is impressive and his patience outstanding. It is because of the customer service exemplified by Andrew, that we continue to return to Blackfoot.
Brent and Jackie

Submitted By Dan T, May 13 2016
Thanks Joe!  It was a great, "warm" ride last night!  It is always great to do business with a team that understands customer needs.  You guys have spoiled Lisa and I well with your professionalism, customer relations and products.  I always love popping in and chatting with you guys, I almost feel at home every time I walk in.

Submitted By Kevin S, May 9 2016
Very friendly helpful staff. Lots of inventory and selection without inflated prices

Submitted By Gary H, May 8 2016
Danny B. … Letting you know I rocketed back to Toronto arriving in one piece. That 950 Super Enduro is one awesome ride with an endless amount of torque. Would not have been possible without yours and Jamie’s cooperation providing service and new tyres on such short notice. The experience was truly seamless with me literally booking the service remotely from Toronto 3 days prior then catching a flight and taking a cab from the airport to Blackfoot, meeting you and Jamie for the first time and driving away. No issues and no problems! Thank you - Gary

Submitted By Marc, May 5 2016
Amazing turnaround time ! I contacted the service department for a warranty adjustment on my steering alignment and they did the work the same day. The service manager handled my request directly and it took 20 minutes at most. Outstanding service. Thanks, Marc

Submitted By JC B, May 1 2016
Bought a helmet and boots from Jill today. She was knowledgable, answered all my questions and was super patient with my indecision. Very pleased with her level of service and knowledge. Definitely would go back again as a result of this. A+++

Submitted By Stacey B, April 30 2016
Purchasing our first bikes here at Blackfoot was such a great experience. David was knowledgeable, approachable and answered our million questions. The financing was a fantastic experience and non stressful. Cynthia was professional, yet easy going and super friendly.
We felt a warm family like environment that makes you want to come back.
We will definitely shop here again.
Thank you again Dave and Cynthia!

Submitted By Anthony, April 30 2016
Planning to own a first bike is always a big challenge especially when everyone wants to assure and show that they'll be the BEST just and get your business. In my case Blackfoot is more than that! From day one Joe has been exceptional and professional to deal with. He gave me options and guide me throughout the process. Very accomodating, not only him but everyone I dealt with even if I will just go there and peek in their wide selection of bikes! Just last week, I went there to purchase something and a younger guy at the main lobby approached me and had a delightful conversation. This is what I look for in a dealership, it's not always the business but the relationship they build even after you purchase something. They definitely exceeded my expectations. Keep it up guys!

Submitted By Michael S, April 28 2016
John was great he saved our butt and California to Alaska trip on the way back the bike broke down this guy knew his stuff and got us back on the road

Submitted By Kenneth D, April 27 2016
Been shopping there since 1988.Always have what I need.Great people

Submitted By Barry P, April 23 2016
3rd purchase from B/F in 4 years and I have purchased a lot from others dealers in Calgary and Kelowna ... I'm not trying to compare but the Service Respect and customer service I get from this dealer keeps me coming back .... And it shows right from the owners to sales service parts and finance !!! Every time they go above and beyond my expectation and I have very high expectations and I know at time I'm demanding as a customer but they keep me in perspective as to how and what to expect as my dealings get down ... Have you been to a dealer and introduced to your purchase with top quality knowledge and taken to the parts counter and the shop mechanic and the tech who sets up your bike and the finance people and everyone looked after you 100% on 3 purchases ??? I think not.... I enjoy shopping here and will continue to ... Folks take a moment out and give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well down dealing with a customer that has expectation that you have not failed! Thank you so much keep up the good work!

Submitted By Kelly C, April 21 2016
Just had a great experience with the service department. Just a great group of people to do business with! Thank you.

Submitted By Bryan Fowler, April 20 2016
Genuine staff that strive to make long-term client relationships vs. Short term money making deals like bowcycle. Ive never felt pushed or fed misleading advice from their knowledgeable sales staff. Excellent selection on dirt bikes best in Calgary for sure. Honest service in the shop too! So rare! Very fast and again, will treat your bike like their own. Seen it first hand. Trustworthy goes miles in that business. Would like to see sales insentives on gear though.

Submitted By Sam B, April 20, 2016
Decided to wait until after I got to ride my new to me bike that Dave Anderson helped me attain. Thanks Dave! My brothers and myself have not been riding for quite some time and Mr. Anderson made us all get excited about it again with his upbeat and positive attitude. You can tell when a salesman is honest when without hesitation he admits dropping his own ride at the end of a season, not to put us off but to let us know it's all apart of riding. Not the best part but still a little piece of the experience. Anyways we got out for our first couple of rides in the last couple of weeks and I must say it has brought back all the sensations of open air riding. The smells! The noise! The sounds of Twin Engines all coming together make me Happy we got together down at Blackfoot Motorsports! Thanks Dave for putting me on my Guzzuki 800!

Submitted By Robin P, April 13, 2016
Good morning Ron, The XSR900 is only FANTASTIC so far! I've only ridden 130km mind you, but first impressions are that the drive train is smooth with minimal vibration transferred to the rider at highway speed. Power is crisp but easy to modulate on the throttle with good low end response, and shifting is also crisp and precise. The bike is more than willing to run through the revs and it takes discipline to mind the 5600 rpm limit for the break in period! Already I get the impression it will have no problem producing butterflies under acceleration when the initial run in process is complete. Slow speed handling is confidence inspiring too. Running through a slow slalom the bike is easy to balance and the steering is light but easy to control, partly due to the handle bar width I suspect. As speed picks up, a slight shift of weight in the direction you want to go encourages the turn and the bike follows mellifluously. I'm looking forward to cleaner roads and bigger lean angles. I like the more upright riding position, compared to my '93 VFR, there is less pressure on my construction weary shoulders, and riding two up with my 12 year old son is more comfortable for both of us. The ride is firm, probably the biggest difference for me since I have been riding an older bike for so long, so with a passenger the bike feels way more confident, especially in the corners. I will likely play with the adjustable suspension in the future once I've had more time in the saddle to decide if on longer trips a softer ride might be better. Anyway, suffice to say that considering the time I spent looking at so many different bikes over the last few years to decide what my next ride would be, so far, the XSR 900 is more than fitting the bill. There is something to be said for delayed gratification! Kudos to Gavin for his product knowledge and enthusiasm at the Calgary Motorbike show. That went a long way to influencing my decision to put down the deposit at the show, and I'm glad that I did! Thanks also to yourself, Cynthia in the business office and Mark for the professional and personalized service at delivery. All the best, Robin

Submitted By Jason N, April 8, 2016
Thank you blackfoot! I had my bike in for valves and they noticed my stator was fried, i was 6 months out of warranty but they still took care of it for me. Awesome customer service thank you for backing your products!

Submitted By Rex F, March 29, 2016
Decided to wait until after I got to ride my new to me bike that Dave Anderson helped me attain. Thanks Dave! My brothers and myself have not been riding for quite some time and Mr. Anderson made us all get excited about it again with his upbeat and positive attitude. You can tell when a salesman is honest when without hesitation he admits dropping his own ride at the end of a season, not to put us off but to let us know it's all apart of riding. Not the best part but still a little piece of the experience. Anyways we got out for our first couple of rides in the last couple of weeks and I must say it has brought back all the sensations of open air riding. The smells! The noise! The sounds of Twin Engines all coming together make me Happy we got together down at Blackfoot Motorsports! Thanks Dave for putting me on my Guzzuki 800!

Submitted By Fernie Rider, February 13, 2016
Thank you to Blaire and the service department. You made it very easy for me to spend my money on the right products. I am looking forward to many years on my Yeti 137. The service department are perfectionists and i don't mind paying for a quality service . I am sure the after sales service is impeccable too.

Submitted By Jonathan S, February 10, 2016
To the owners and staff of Blackfoot Motorsports and Dave Anderson:

Just want to give a shout out to Dave Anderson who put together a new motorcycle and accessories package with a trade in of my Ducati Multistrada, all from his desk while I was at home in Vancouver. Dave's people skills are such that I was confident enough to put the Ducati in our truck and head thru a blizzard over the Rockies to complete the sale. Both my partner Valerie and I were rather stunned by the size and depth of your dealership, to put it mildly. One might easily make the assumption that Blackfoot could provide everything but personal service, but, that's where Mr. Anderson comes in...

Dave was a real pleasure to deal with, creating an atmosphere of knowledge, enthusiasm, humour, and attention to detail rarely seen in my personal experience spanning nearly 40 years in the automobile and motorcycle industry in western Canada and the US.

We left Blackfoot with a new Moto Guzzi and a smile, happy we were lucky enough to have dealt with such a great dealership. Dave showed us around and introduced us to many members of your crew, all professionals, and even your business manager, Cynthia, the motocross cool is that?

We have fond memories of all you guys, thank you, from the both of us for all your efforts, it was a real pleasure

Best Wishes from Vancouver,
Jonathan & Valarie

Submitted By Aaron A, January 23, 2016
I've recommended Joe Brooks, Sales Manager, to a couple of buddies of mine. I put a mint 09' Warrior on layaway in Nov '14. In late January there was a freak warm streak and started to feel the itch. Joe and Cynthia in Finance were more than accommodating in an early pick-up on short notice. I still remember feeling that rumble in the building from the bike warming up in the garage, and I still remember how Joe spent plenty of time going over every detail of the used bike on handover. It was in great running shape, and a fresh battery, too! It's important to know that Blackfoot will wheel and deal on used bikes. Go in the slow season and they will take offers on used inventory... especially if you add in some equipment like jackets and helmets into the deal. I kept my eye on the market, and I felt I got a screamin' deal considering condition, market value, and equipment. Take chances on online personal listings if you want... I'll be buying from Blackfoot again. ... and, man, what a ride!

Submitted By Gary B, January 22, 2016
I want to give some feedback as to my experience with Blackfoot.

I've been in several times looking at bikes and accessories etc.

I had been in a motorcycle accident "hit a deer" and was looking to replace my destroyed motorcycle, when I came across Dave Anderson. He attented to my questions and helped me select a more suitable bike than I was initially looking at. He really guided me in the right direction.

I want to say, I have had many dealings with Dave since and it is alway a pleasure to talk with him. He makes me laugh. Dave has be impeccable in his customer service and should be recognized for that.

I also want to say that Mike in parts and also Rowan. Have been excellent in there service as well. Rowen has done some parts quotes for me and helped me with a bike cover as well. He is awesome and has been a real pro at helping with parts. Mike has recently helped me and has equally been exceptional in helping me. Mike has answered many questions and provided me with a wealth of respect.

The Girl in the Helmets and Gear, "I don't remember her name at the moment" has been exceptional in helping me as well. Regarding my new helmet and gloves etc..

I want to say I am very happy with my purchase and the way I was treated and my new friends at Blackfoot.

I also met one of the owners who I really enjoyed talking with. He was telling me he owned the retro (restored) BMW on display at the top of the stairs. Orange I think. I want to thank him as well. He was a gentleman and took the time to talk to me.

As a Painting Contractor of 25 years myself. I always make sure, I recognize anyone who does a good job. As I only believe in and do high quality work myself. Ppl who do the same, deserve Praise for there excellence.

Please forward this letter to the Owners/Managers that be.

Thank You, Gary B
2015 Motor Guzzi California

Submitted By Wendy P, December 14, 2015
Hi, My name is Wendy and I recently ordered a jersey through your store. The girl who helped me, Megan, was awesome!! She went out of her way to check info and place the order for me. The fellow, whose name I didnt get, was also very helpful. Its nice to see , especially this time of year, that customers are still valued and that customer service hasnt gone the way of the dinosaur!! I’ll be back and I’ll be sure to spread the word about what a great staff and product selection you have.
Wendy P and Brayden

Submitted By Cleve R, December 11, 2015
Awesome service from all the staff there! Thanks for the hospitality. Props to the helmet expert! Can't remember his name but he deserves a raise!!

Submitted By Steve V, December 7, 2015
By far, the best experience I have ever had with any motorcycle dealer. My salesperson Dave Anderson went beyond his duties to make me happy! He is very patient and understanding...and very helpful./knowledgeable I reside in Saskatoon, SK. and met Dave last year at Blackfoot Motorsports ,my wife was with me that day...I was thinking of getting into a bike then but was not sure of what I really wanted. There was no pressure from him at all ,and I loved the staff and atmosphere and the huge selection(Inventory) they had, and have. I decided to get a bike for 2016 and flew in for a day trip from Saskatoon to view the bikes that interested me. I met Doug the owner and other staff ,...they made me feel like family ,and also all are very knowledgeable. I finally decided on the Aprilia 2016 RSV4 RR I will be notifying Dave today when I will be picking up the bike. For sure the best experience I have had shopping for a bike. Everyone that works there and the customers seem very happy ...there is a bond if you will...more like family. I also met and exchanged tel numbers with other regular/returning customers of Blackfoot Motorsports What an awesome time.
Thanks so much to all at Blackfoot.
See you soon, Cheers,
Steve. V.

Submitted By Danny & Lynn, December 7, 2015
mike kudos

Submitted By Greg H, November 11, 2015
These guys wrote the book on customer satisfaction. Absolutely couldn't be better. I live in Southern Ontario. I bought my Triumph Trophy working with Simon in sales over the phone/fax/email, which was as smooth as could be. I flew into Calgary airport and Simon picked me up in his personal vehicle and drove me to the shop. Paperwork, inspection, etc. was super easy and done in a couple of hours, all very friendly and professional. I left Calgary on the bike and headed into BC. Upon reaching Radium Hot Springs the bike wouldn't start. Simon responded immediately to texts and did the best he could with remote diagnostics on a Sunday night - no luck. Monday morning - on Labour Day, mind you - Sales Manager Jason called me and arranged to send a truck to pick up me and the bike and haul us back through the mountains to Calgary (thanks Juan!) Blackfoot put me up in a good hotel in Calgary that night. It took a day and a bit of work to get the bike fixed. There were fuel injector issues. I got it back into my hands on Wednesday about 11 AM. The bill for all this? $0. Over the 2 days I was driven around Calgary, updated constantly on progress, etc. I immediately rode the bike from Calgary back to Southern Ontario with no problems whatsoever. When it's time for a new bike I know where I'll be going. Thanks guys!

Submitted By Crash1974lol, November 10, 2015
Super helpful and friendly, never had an issue and will continue to be a customer. Fair pricing and done on time or sooner.

Submitted By Glenn Y, November 1, 2015
Dave please pass on to the service dept a big thank you. Customer experience was important to them and it showed. Bike is a dream to ride, smoother across the board.

Also Thanks for helping Dallas with his new bike purchase. He loves it and I am very impressed with it too, he let me take it for short ride.

Keep up the great work, you are the reason we have bought 4 Bikes from Blackfoot in 2015. Cheers
Glenn Y

Submitted By Gord F, October 5, 2015
Hi, Just wanted to send my thanks to Dave for steering me through the purchase of my Suzuki C50T. You lead me to the right bike for my experience and the best accessories (the heated grips) that make riding a blast. Just want to say great service and great advice. all the best

Submitted By Marian, September 3, 2015
Dropped into the store today, and was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome by Michael on the Triumph floor upstairs and by the guy on the floor in front of your office! I guess things are changing there in the store!

Submitted By Brazillian Traveller,, August 31, 2015
We woke up early to go to the city of Calgary change the rear tires of the bikes and make the oil change... Through contact Vinicius of Brazil Riders, went to the store Blackfoot Motorcycle in the city of Calgary. We were met by Danny, fantastic man that spared no effort to help us.

To use Google translator to understand each other in conversation, but it worked and we paid a fair price, with service really very different. Although there are scheduling line for maintenance, he got us to be served the same day and also very well received by all of the store. We won t-shirts, took pictures of us, and we won discount oil to spare.

We left with a wonderful impression of the Store service. To give you an idea, here in Canada and the US, a motorcycle wash is done on machines. Yourself lava and pay with coins, anywhere from a 7 dollars for every bike. We asked him if there was any in the area and he unleashed in the machine shop at no cost, so we could wash ours. So we can understand why the store is so big and be celebrating its 45 years of foundation this year: service 1,000 note, personified in Danny, who appeared to be the manager of maintenance. And if not, he should be! Thanks to Blackfoot for outstanding service!

deonir in calgary

Submitted By Arron Y, Aug 21, 2015
Although this may seem out of left field but wanted to commend you on your sales staff. I am just getting back into biking after a 10 year break from bikes. I bought myself a used gsxr off of Kijiji and officially got the bug back. I have recently been into Blackfoot probably 5 times in the last month looking at accessories , clothing and of course new bikes. Unfortunately you have too many dam bikes I want and can't make a firm decision! Anyway , as a small business owner I understand far too well how important great staff is and how important great customer service is. I have honestly met now 5 of your staff and have not had even a single ounce of poor service. Each one of them was knowledgable , great to communicate with and not pushy where i felt I had to leave to get away. Dave Anderson, Don Mann, Aristotle Tipouikidis (I didnt dare try and spell that one) , and a gentleman in the apparel / bags area ) were absolutely outstanding.

Like i said , I haven't even bought my dam new bike yet ! But I guarantee I will be buying it from Blackfoot , I am down to the z1000, used diavel you have , BMW s1000 and latest trip fell in love the aprillia ...

Anyway , sorry for the lengthy email but really wanted to commend you on the amazing sales team you have there.

I may hold off this season with the gsxr but I will get my new toy for next summer for sure.

Submitted By Elyssa HC, Aug 11, 2015
I would like to thank Dave Sawatzky, sale representative of Blackfoot Motorsports. Where he came to me on his day off from work and took the time to show my father how to improve the handling and controls while riding his motorcycle. As a result of Dave's help my father became a better motorcyclist. Once again Dave, thank you.

Submitted By Jeff M, July 31, 2015
... I just purchased a KTM 200 XCW from Dave Anderson and he was awesome! Also Ron Newman was amazing to go over details, then on top of that I had a tech come out and go over technical questions with myself! Amazing sales experience !!!!! Love my KTM and trust me will tell more than just 10 people!! So Happy! I was a Journeyman Harley Tech for 12 years and was uneducated in the latest 2 stroke oils and services, felt so blessed to have all the caring people at the dealership!

Submitted By Jeff B, July 31, 2015
Many, many, thanks for taking care of my K1600GTL on Tuesday. The bike ran flawlessly all the way home and I really like the new Michelin Pilot 4s. The west wind was a real plus on the way home as I was seeing 48mpg; very happy to not have to go west. I fully realize you have many customers who needed service and am very grateful you were able to fit me in. You have an amazing business and I was very impressed with your customer service, the cleanliness of your business and scope of the products you provide. Wish you were near LaPorte, Indiana, as you would have a long term customer with me.

Submitted By Arnold K, July 28, 2015
I would like to thank everyone involved with the service on my Moto Guzzi. I brought my bike in on Friday July 24/15 due to some issues. I would like to extend my many thanks to the service department for the amazing service. I would also like to thank Dave Anderson for all his assistance in this matter. Dave was also amazing when I purchased the bike back in April. He is extremely knowledgeable and he went over every little detail on my bike, thank you Dave. Thank you all at Blackfoot Motorsports for all that you have done as I have never had such great service as I have had with you in 40 years of riding motorbikes. Keep up the great work everyone. We will be back to visit.
Arnold K,
Lethbridge, AB

Submitted By Liz Jansen, Sept 12, 2014
“Justin Swanson. Customer service representative at Blackfoot Motosports in Calgary, Justin has professionally and compassionately tended to my questions and my motorcycle, and liaised with my insurance company. While I’ve been familiar with Blackfoot’s stellar reputation for years, I was super impressed after a walk through their enormous shop. Blackfoot is worth a side trip, even if you don’t live in the area. Excerpt from her blog:

Submitted By Chuck E, July 16, 2015
Dear Sir,
On Sunday July 5th I was travelling through your city and my front wheel bearing went out on my bike. I had the bike towed and was towed to your place of business. I just wanted to send a Thank You to your friendly, professional and efficient staff. I didn’t get names, but the gentleman who came out and looked at my bike, the gentleman who checked me in and the gentleman who signed me out and I paid. I could tell you were busy, but they squeezed me in and had me back on the road by 11:30 that morning. You guys really made a bad situation turn out great for me and helped us continue on without much delay and still see all of the country we had planned for this bike trip and really enjoyed travelling through your beautiful country. I just wanted you to know how great your staff is, and how much I was impressed and to send you a Big Thank You!!

Sincerely Yours,
Chuck E
Jamestown, ND

Submitted By Steve M, July 16, 2015
Top marks for the shopping experience here. It was nice to be able to go in and look around and ask questions as I thought about my purchase. Ron was great, offering advice and explaining the pros and cons of the vehicle in a real friendly and caring manner. I received a phone call when the model that I was looking at buying went down in price. Once I decided to make a purchase, everything was easy from financing to the vehicle check. A nice experience and I will definitely be shopping here again.

Submitted By Karlee S, July 13, 2015
Amazing store and staff is extremely knowledgable! Had some issues with the bike I bought but eventually came to an agreement with the owner! Double check when you order parts that they have the right number and color, been waiting over two months for levers that I ordered because they were the wrong color and had to be sent back. Called them to make sure they were shipping to my house and no one remembered that I prepaid shipping. So just give them a call from time to time to check the status of your order!

Submitted By Tara M, July 13, 2015
These guys have been great.

Submitted By Eric T, July 8, 2015
I got to ride with my son today, 2 shiny triumphs, only because of the extra effort put in by Jeff M and his service crew to get my bike done. I don't know who your boss is Jeff, but he needs to give you a raise!! Thanks Jeff

Submitted By Jack W, June 30, 2015
I wanted to give a special thanks to Rahul Sharma for turning a good purchase experience to a great one. Don and Mike both were great in providing the info I needed to make a purchasing decision and getting me on my way. Rahul really set Blackfoot apart by getting the financing rate that I wanted and accommodating my schedule with a smile. Its rare that one gets a customer experience that leaves an impression but at the end of the day I was really happy I decided to buy from Blackfoot and will likely do so again :)

Submitted By Michael WY, June 29, 2015
I'm not just trying to "toot" anyone's horn here, but I dealt with a young lad named Tyler the other day and he has more knowledge about motorcycles then I have ever experienced in a bike shop. Not only did he amaze me with every confident answer, but his customer service was something I will never forget. Never once did he make me feel uneducated or dumb, but rather he gave me information that made me feel like we were friends. Absolutely great guy to deal with! Thanks Tyler.

Submitted By Robbie S, June 22, 2015
I could not find an email address for management, so I thought to post it here. I just wanted to say thanks to Rowen Apostoli for INCREDIBLE customer service. I have bought or special ordered everything I've bought from Blackfoot through Rowen, and he's an absolute great guy to deal with - time after time!!! He's a HUGE asset to Blackfoot. Thanks!!!!

Submitted By Christopher d B, June 18, 2015
The worse thing ever created are reviews! Be it movies I love that are rated only 1 star, vehicles, etc! If anyone wants a real review on blackfoot then read this one! First of all I don't know anyone there personally, just known them from purchasing parts. I have read that they are all stuck up, snobs, ignorant...the list goes on! I have a 1995 kdx200 dirt bike...which is super old! I have spent a few bucks since I have been goin there & turned the bike into a new one! Here are some major guidelines you should follow, Leave your ego at home (who cares what u ride) If your naturally a prick...stay home and order/buy parts online. No one judges u there unless you think they do...sort it out! They are not really that over priced! Plus you usually have a few options...factory parts $$$ or speak up and ask what aftermarket parts they have $! The orders come in pretty quick as well! Knowledge is power! For "F" sakes learn your bikes! If all u know how to do is ride it and not maintain it/know what parts do what...your off the team! These guys deal with a ton of people all day...most of them pricks (let them know your not one) be nice or tell a joke or something! Don't ask dumb questions...or u get dumb answers! Once again research a head of time! Sometimes it takes a while to get served...its a motorcycle shop suck it up princess! There are a lot of small internal parts people need and these guys could be on the phone with customers for a while 2 make sure they please and get there customers the right parts! If your impatient and think they don't care about u...once again...get over it! I always say to my wife, babe going to blackfoot and may be a while! Every bike shop that is reputable is the same way! Give these hard workin' guy/girls a break! 1995 kdx200 and they treat me like gold! Why, because i relax, be patient, and treat others how I want to be treated!! If I had the money I would buy a new bike in a hardbeat! Maybe they I will write another review on how good the sales guys are!! Anyways, this place is a great place to get what cha want and even gain some knowledge if u ask nicely!! Cheers!

Submitted By Keith H, June 17, 2015
Thanks for your email. I have been at Triumph dealerships all across Alberta and Saskatchewan and you by far have done the best job. I appreciate your excellent first-hand knowledge and good customer relationship skills. As one professional sales person to another “good Job”! I have some personal and financial details to work-out before I actually make the purchase, however I will be coming back to you when it is time to “pull the pin”. Have a Great Day!

Submitted By Derek, June 12, 2015
Just wanted to say Thanks to Don Mann for his help in getting my new motorcycle...great guy, and a pleasure to deal with.

Submitted By Len H, June 4, 2015
Good afternoon guys,
Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for getting by bike all taken care of in time for my vacation. It is truly appreciated and I know the timing probably wasn't the best for either of you. :-)

Thanks again....You guys are the best.

Submitted By Harry N, June 4, 2015
I wanted to thank Blackfoot Motorsports and especially Don Mann, for making my purchase of a Yamaha V star 1300 very smooth and stress free. Don addressed any and all concerns and that I had. When I had my choice narrowed down to two bikes he even suggested a test ride of both bikes to help me decide. Thank you Don for standing tall on what you promised. Everyone that I dealt with was great. Thanks again, and I hope to see you all on the road. Stay Safe Harry

Submitted By Jeff P, June 4, 2015
Greetings from the SE Sask. Talk about frost boils the RM have not fixed yet. On my 1st ride, I blew-by this sign at 80KM, slowed down, turn around, photo op for KTM, I wonder, what may lay ahead? I smile'n'grin and proceed on with confidence aboard my New Adventure R from Blackfoot Motorsports. Looking forward to mile-'n'out this one. Thanks, you guys Rock, take care? Jeff P, Weyburn, Sk.

Submitted By Tobias M, May 12, 2015
Very knowledgeable staff that not only had answers to all my questions but also great advice. Special thanks to Mike who went above and beyond to enable me to get out and ride my bike on the weekend.

Submitted By Len H, May 9, 2015
Hey Danny,
Just wanted to thank you so much for all your help and guidance throughout this process. You made this go much smoother than I had anticipated and your responsiveness was fantastic. I know how busy you guys are this time of year, and I really appreciate your commitment. Insurance sent me my cheque yesterday so I can get moving on that new 1200RT with Eric. :-)
Have a great day.

Submitted By Tom H, May 9, 2015
I recently bought a Triumph Thunderbird LT and my salesperson was Joe Brooks. I will start by saying it was only because of Joe Brooks that I bought this bike from Blackfoot Motosports.

This was my third bike purchased from Blackfoot Motosports and my last experience made me cautious of buying another bike from Blackfoot Motosports. As such I have over the course of four years been seriously shopping for my new bike and looked at differing franchises as I have test ridden 6 different bikes and looked at 10.

I first met Joe about 3 years ago when I was looking at a BMW and Triumph. I was immediately impressed with the professional demeanour and candour of Joe. He was personable, knowledgeable, gregarious and understanding of what my needs or wants were as a customer. Joe patiently listened and never employed any high pressure tactics. Joe was well versed on any and all aspects of the bikes I was looking at. Joe made sure I was aware of the different demo days and arranged for me to test ride a BMW and a Triumph. After my demo ride on the Triumph Thunderbird (1600) I started to lean towards the Thunderbird. On another visit Joe coordinated a test ride of a Triumph Trophy.

Having test rode several different bikes I now took the time to make an informed decision on this major purchase. I was impressed throughout this passage of time to receive periodic contact from Joe as he was just checking in and advising of different Triumph incentives.

I would recommend Joe to anyone that was interested in a motorcycle that Blackfoot Motosports is selling. As a result of my experience with Joe I will be using Blackfoot Motosports for my servicing needs, accessories, and clothing options. Joe has earned my trust and renewed me a customer of Blackfoot Motosports.


Submitted By TJ M - April 29, 2015
Best motorsports retailer in Alberta. Very accommodating sales and service staff.

Submitted By Nika H - April 29, 2015
Tyler Leblanc in the sales department was nothing short of helpful and professional. He went above and beyond my expectations and made things happen when they're were glitches with other departments. Thanks again Tyler, absolutely love my new bike!

Submitted By James A - April 29, 2015
Ultimately my experience with Blackfoot was a good one. There was an issue around communication with my sales person in the beginning that really made me worried about giving them my business. However, once Jason Mitchell caught wind of the trouble he and his staff went out of their way to try and make it up to me. They made good on their promises and delivered the bike I wanted. (I should mention that the bike I was after was pretty hard to find, but they came through even after the messy start.)

I was impressed that they took the time to walk me through the features of the bike, gave me a tour of the shop and let me know about various things I otherwise wouldn't have been aware of. I felt valued as a customer and will strongly consider Blackfoot when I buy accessories, or when I shop for my next bike. My only regret is not going to speak with Jason sooner.

I'm not giving full stars simply because the experience could have been smoother, but like I said, I'm actually pretty happy with the outcome and I would recommend Blackfoot to others. I was a bit of a tough customer since I had a very specific bike in mind and wasn't willing to settle for anything else. I also tend to be slow to forgive, so I think it speaks volumes that Blackfoot was able to win me back over. Good job guys.

Submitted By Dansya C - April 25, 2015
Dear Ron,
My experience at Blackfoot was phenomenal. You were so knowledgeable about dirt bikes and flexible with paperwork and pick up dates. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of buying my first Brand new bike from you and I will definitely refer Blackfoot to everyone interested in the sport. I look forward to coming in for some new gear and seeing you all for maintenance :)
Thanks for everything!!
Dansya C

Submitted By Tasha H - April 23, 2015
Thanks for all of your help, you guys were great to deal with every step of the way.

Tasha H

Submitted By Marc C - April 15, 2015
I just wanted to pass on my sincere Thanks to Blackfoot on the Services you provided on my 2012 BMW K1600GTL. I want you to know that I seen, heard, experienced satisfaction from one of the members of your Team - Justin

I have been dealing with Blackfoot for many years now, but this individual has been outstanding and is a pleasure to deal with, and I wanted to share this with the management team.

I give him a Net Promoter Score of 10 out 10 in all areas. I have already recommended him to other customers, that I can say for sure were going elsewhere for their services. They have in turn trusted me, and Justin. I followed up with them and they have also advised me that if it was not for Justin, they would have gone elsewhere again in the last couple of years.

I also mentioned this to some of the staff at the BMW customer appreciation nite, but wanted to make sure you post in on your board for all to see

Thanks again Justin !! Without you - Blackfoot would be just another service dealer!
Marc C.

Submitted By Kevin Q - April 12, 2015
Just purchase a new bike from Blackfoot. Great experience, treated with utmost respect. Knowledgeable staff who care about customer service, know their bikes. I have purchased two other new bikes from a different bike shop and the service I received there doesn't even compare. I have had service done at Blackfoot with my other bikes so can tell you they always try to help you out, explain everything and are just easy to deal with. They also have the best hours in the business. A+

Submitted By Andrew D - April 4, 2015, via Twitter
Thanks @BlackfootOnline for getting me in and out this morning as promised. As always, happy with the service I get there. #Motorcycle :)

Submitted By Sheldon P - March 30, 2015
I would like to send out a big thank you to Tyler and his sales manager Jason. I am self employed and work in a service related industry so i recognize that they have gone the extra mile. I put a deposit on a new factory edition ktm 6 weeks ago and was certain i was buying it as the deposit was non refundable. I unfortunatley am not able to follow through on the purchase and this week let Tyler and Jason know this fact. I wasnt sure what to expect but Jason immediatly offered me a full refund without hesitation. He obviously values customers and because of this when i do purchase my next motorcycle i will be buying from Blackfoot. It is refreshing to receive this kind of service. Thanks again guys for going the extra mile!

Submitted By Kelly M - March 23, 2015
Hey Blair its kelly i got my KTM 500 yesterday went for a rip did some hill climbs, creek crossing, through trees and over logs, I have to say this bike is sick I'm so glad I went for the 500 I absolutely love it !!! I also cracked the longest wheelie I have done in 4th gear haha !! Going again today after work. Thanks so much for the bike and the great deal !! If any friends want a bike I will send them your way for sure.

Submitted By Logan B- March 29, 2015
It was a very great experience dealing with everyone over at Blackfoot Motosports. Blaire was especially great in his product knowledge and helping me with any questions I had for him. There was a never a time that I felt like I was being pushed towards making a purchase at any point so that was great! Definitely would recommend Blackfoot to anyone looking for great customer service.

Submitted By Don J - March 23, 2015
Justin on the front desk has taken great care of me ever since I arrived at Blackfoot Motorsports. I moved to the Calgary area about three years ago and I understand that Justin arrived about the same time. He takes the time to listen about my problems, documents the issues and your shop has arrived at more than satisfactory results every time. I feel you should know that you have a good man on the desk and he is a pleasure to work with whenever I have a problem.
Thanks again for the great service.
Don J
2007 BMW1200GT

Submitted By Terry W - March 17, 2015
A special thanks to Mike Becker I have never been treated so well and so professionally (at any shop)as I was with you. Your knowledge, friendly disposition, and willingness to spend the time to make sure I left satisfied has truly made me a life long customer!

Submitted By Shaun B - March 8, 2015
Huge thanks to Jordan in the gear department for helping outfit me and my son. Phenomenal service and selection, best experience I've had buying gear. She was more then willing to answer questions we had and took the time make sure everything fit right. Will recommend to all my ridding buddies, and we will be back!!!

Submitted By Nicole M - February 28, 2015
Jordan in the gear department was totally fantastic with our son, spent at least a 1/2 hour fitting him out with a complete gear package and quote so he knows how much he had to save. Completely blown away by her customer service!!

Submitted By Rusty- February 19, 2015
Just wanted to thank all of you over at blackfoot for looking after me these past years. I have been purchasing pretty much everything I need from your store. All my gear, Jordan has always been so helpful with those kinds of things. Your parts and service department, they are all of great help. Joe, Brett, Tobias all have done their fair share to make sure my bikes are up and running the way they should be. The guys in sales have all been awesome to talk with, not pushy, just making sure I know all the info I needed to know when it came to buying my new bike. Tyler has been of great help, kept it fun, we went over all differences between the bikes, the things offered with the bikes, covered all the details in great lengths, just to make sure I was without a doubt, choosing the right bike for me! I'm pretty sure there was some exterior help in making sure I got the right bike, Ron, Blaire, some others. The people on the paperwork side of it were excellent as well. Tyler, again you were fantastic to deal with, very patient with the details, had a blast. But ya, a big thanks to everyone. Over all an exciting experience! My bike looks so pretty atm, just waiting for me to take her out and get her dirty this season!! John you're my hero. Thanks again so much for all of your help! So looking forward to riding my new 6 days 300 xcw. I'm sure I will see all of you again soon.

Submitted By Tim B - February 13, 2015
Thanks again for outstanding service Justin. Lastly please pass on to whomever your delivery driver is a champ punctual, polite and a great guy your lucky to have him on your team. Have a stellar day.
Tim B

Submitted By Ian S - January 24, 2015
I first started dealing with Blackfoot Motosports a little over a year ago in nov 2013 when I purchased my brand new bike. Naturally, when you are buying a new bike you encounter very little friction. My dealings for service on the bike and some repairs due to some unavoidable road hazards with Blackfoot has always left me very satisfied and valued as a customer. Justin Swanson always takes care of my motorcycle service needs and some. When I'm shopping around for apparel, I seek out Mike Becker. He is by all definitions a machine, a machine with an outstanding personality, when it comes to finding exactly what I am looking for.

All and all, the staff in general are always kind to me and give me their time. I have no problem parting with my money to these folks getting the things I want (need? yeah need). I wouldn't hesitate sending any of my friends to them, and I have.

Thanks again for the ongoing exceptional treatment.

Submitted By Glenn C - January 19, 2015
Hey Dave, just want to thank you again for the great service, I have brought my favorite chair onto the garage and thank goodness I have a TV as the bike and I have spent 10 or so hours watching television programs together much to the dismay of my wife. I find myself stopping whatever I am doing and either sitting on it or staring at it. I've studied almost every inch of the bike now. I'm sure I will see you soon as I still have to bring Curtis in to buy a bike and of course that awesome first ride take care.

Submitted By Rahim S - January 13, 2015
I recently had to do an out of province inspection and experienced an outstanding level of service at Blackfoot Motorsports - and would like to send kudos to one staff member in particular. Justin Swanson was knowledgeable, courteous and very efficient at handling the entire process. It was a pleasure to get some of my complicated paperwork dealt with efficiently and in good time. I will come back to this shop for future work if needed.

Submitted By Andrew M - October 22, 2014
Hi Cynthia,
Thanks for the prompt reply (and the congrats – I’m happy that I waited to pull the trigger on a bike, but I’m hooked!!)! Greatly appreciate you passing along the info! No questions for now – looking forward to a great relationship with Blackfoot (so far, the experience has been fantastic!)

Submitted By Peter D - October 1, 2014
I was at the parts department the other day searching for a few items for my 92 Honda XR250, while they didn't have the part I was looking for (turns out no dealer in the city does...including Rocky Mountain) The parts guy was really helpful and knowledgeable so I ended up buying all the fluids I needed (oil, brake fluid, etc) all in all a great experience

Submitted By Beth T - September 27, 2014
To Whom it May Concern,

We would like to thank Joe who helped us purchase another BMW motorbike from Blackfoot Moto.

Joe helped me with my concerns about riding the BMW 700. First I was worried about it being too tall. WIth a few adjustments it is now perfect.

Joe did everything possible to make buying this awesome bike a great experience!

Beth T.

Submitted By John A - September 25, 2014
Just wanted to say thank you again. in 2010 I took a trip to Alaska. I lost my brakes in North Dakota and I drove all the way up to BlackfootMotorsports in Calgary to get them repaired. the team was so nice to me while I was there ,and took care of me and my wife. they pulled a brand new bike off of the shelf and took the parts off of it, to fix my bike. I don't know of any other dealership that would do that for me. I tell everyone I meet to this day, about my experiences with black foot thank you again,
John A
Triumph Rocket 3

Submitted By Andy H - September 17, 2014
Hi Tobi, I just wanted to say a great big "THANK YOU" to you and your service staff, specifically, James, Justin and Mike and also to Lin for putting in the clutch. I just drove it home and wow what a difference from the past. It is so smooth and quiet now and shifting into gear is no longer an issue. It drives like new again.

I am also thankful that you got the proper parts. Even though my trip got delayed, it was a small price to pay, to ensure things were done correctly.

Thanks again and please pass on my gratitude to your staff. You guys rock!

Submitted By Jeremy Bessey - September 3, 2014
Hello, I bought a Triumph street triple from blackfoot motosports a year ago had some problem with my front rim. I talk to the service about it , got it sort out very easily. Great customer service even better motorcycles. If your looking to get a triumph I suggest going to blackfoot motosports.

Submitted By Barrett T - August 19, 2014
The reason I am contacting you today is so you are aware of the exceptional job and service that Justin, in your service department, is doing.

I just bought a 2014 Triumph Daytona 675 two weeks ago, here in Edmonton. I am a very particular individual and I also have an anxiety disorder. The reason I mention this to you is that I constantly worry about things and search for information and individuals that give me consistent, logical and correct information to put my mind at ease.

This is my second brand new bike and vehicles are a passion of mine. I also keep them in, bordering, “perfect”, condition, inside and out.

Since buying my Daytona, I have been inquiring about the proper service and break in and everything in between, to my dealership. I have gotten different answers from different people, different answers from the same person at different times and, just plain wrong information, period. I’ve called head office in the US and I’ve gone so far as to call the UK.

While searching for some answers to some questions I had, I searched “Triumph dealers Canada” and, of course, your number came up.

I called your shop and was put in contact with Justin.

Justin patiently answered all my questions. He never made me feel as if I was putting him out or wasting his time. He assured and reassured me of the correct break in procedures for my 675. I can imaging having somebody with my obsessive compulsive nature calling and asking the same questions , over and over, could be frustrating for a service tech. I would never know it, from how Justin responded to my questions.

He was thoughtful, patient and knowledgeable. He went so far as to tell me, outright, that it was his job to answer all my questions and put my mind at ease and that I was to “ask away” until I felt comfortable.

All his advice and suggestions have been verified by other professionals that I have contacted.

Justin treated me as a loyal customer, and I didn’t even buy the bike there!! My bike goes in for service today, here in Edmonton, but I will be bringing it in to you in Calgary for all my future needs and services, because of Justin!

I asked him to tell his boss that he does an awesome job. His response was, “come down and meet our Triumph Team and you can tell him yourself.” AWESOME.

Since you are three hours away and I can’t simply “drop in” to tell you in person, I hope this suffices.

Please make him aware that this e-mail was delivered to you and that I am very thankful. You have a new Triumph customer!

Barrett T

Submitted By David B - August 19, 2014
Mike Thank you!

You made this happen and I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to come see you for prompt and concise service at blackfoot.

David B

Submitted By Kevin G - August 16, 2014
Great overall experience from these guys, special thanks to David Sawatzky for picking me up at the airport and being an excellent sales person, and Jennifer Kersch for handling the financing and helping me out with insurance on my new Ducati 1098S :) Drove 750km from Blackfoot motosports to my place in Fort McMurray on the Ducati and probably won't wanna do that long a drive on a sport bike again lol, love the bike though!
Thanks guys

Submitted By Bridgette - August 15, 2014
Thanks for today, great service as usual and Justin was especially sweet!


Submitted By Lori W - August 12, 2014
Hi Rozzie,
The Off-Road Adventure Training I received yesterday was not only the greatest birthday present ever - it was a thrilling experience to share with my husband. We are at opposite ends of the ability bar, yet we both learned so much, and had a great time. Your team is knowledgeable, encouraging and fun. I still need to work at slow speed manoeuvring and throttle and clutch control, and the training gave me great strategies to master these areas that I need to strengthen.

I am very grateful for our day together and look forward to coming next year. Meanwhile, I will be practicing what I have learned. You organized a very welcoming and valuable training experience. Thank you again. (The lunch was delicious, as well). Let me know if you can share some of your great photos.


Submitted By Mandi B - August 5, 2014
Hi everyone! I just needed to say thank you to the service department and the parts guys! I came in as a walk-in with a small and most simple question. I was still helped with great care and professionalism and was NOT made to feel like a dumba** chick, as I have other places. It was greatly greatly appreciated! When it comes to riding no concern is too small and no question should be too simple. Thank you Blackfoot I WILL be back!!

Submitted By Dustin A - July 30, 2014
I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts and your diligence. I'll admit I initially contacted Echo cycle because I live in Edmonton, but they told me they cannot locate a black model. However, I must say, you've been 100 times friendlier and I feel you are trying your best for me. I cannot say the same about my rep in Edmonton. Responses have been short and left me feeling as though they don't care for my business. Although I live in Edmonton, your promptness, thorough responses and an offer of a discount on the accessories all while me informed has won me over. I would gladly come to Calgary to purchase the bike should you be able to locate one and If not perhaps next years.... My heart is set on black and I appreciate you attempting to track one down. If it doesn't happen, I suppose I'll have to wait until January to purchase something. Again, I am in Europe until August 10, but I am open for business upon my return. I value honesty and customer service. Please let me know when you know of you can find a black bike! Thank you for your hard work Travis!
Talk to you soon!

Submitted By Matt J - July 30, 2014
I’m writing to say thank you for those two Yamahas I picked up recently! The Bolt is amazing and my old man is loving the Raider S! your team was excellent to deal with - I’d like to give particular recognition to Blaire, Ron and Cynthia who went above and beyond during each of my visits. I’m not kidding, those three are absolutely outstanding and they really know how to make a person feel good about making a bike purchase and are good people in general. I’ll definitely be recommending Blackfoot to anyone I know who is interested in getting a bike and I’ll be coming back there again in the future I’m sure!

Submitted By Adriaan & Lynn B - July 20, 2014
Having recently purchased a BMW GTL 1600 Exclusive from Blackfoot Motor sports, I would like to take this opportunity, to thank the wonderful staff, that I had the pleasure of dealing with. Joe in sales-Very professional, friendly and helped with everything from start to delivery of the bike. Rozzie-For arranging the wonderful demo ride, and making everyone feel welcome. Eric-for all your help and support at the first service. Blackfoot Motor Sports is by far the best bike shop that I have ever dealt with..Kudo"s to all of you!! "I'll be back"

Submitted By Curtis D - July 5, 2014
Thanks for the awesome service today guys! I bought a new Triumph Tiger 800 XC and had a flat the third day of riding. The service dept . got me in right away and took care of a defective tube on warranty. Cost me nothing except the riding pants I bought while waiting for the bike! Also needed a specific date for the first service and used the online booking tool. I got a response in a few hours confirming the date. Simple and effective.

Submitted By Kim M - July 2, 2014
I had a great first ride yesterday, and my morning commute today was spectacular.
Thanks to both yourself and Mike and of course, the guys in the shop, for all the effort getting us on the road on Monday.
See you again, I'm sure!

Submitted By Gord M - June 27, 2014
Your Team did an excellent job of explaining, preparing and transferring the bike to me. Much different than in 2006 when a brand new WR450 was simply pushed out into the parking lot for me to load on the trailer I bought, also from you folks.

I have a “good news” story to tell on the acquisition of the Triumph. Other notable mention is the hiring of Ron Newman, whom I had bought several bikes from in the past, Lucas, and Eric. Shout out to TJ and Cynthia in the Business Office too!

People don’t care as much about what you know, it’s how much you care.

Submitted By Mike K - June 27, 2014
On a whim, he dropped by Blackfoot Motosports just to ‘check it out’ ... He was then offered a tour of the dealership and its various departments – and was, in his words, ‘blown away’ by the hospitality, professionalism and decorum of the dealership, in particular the service department... He felt compelled to come back and ‘buy a bike and get back into it’ based on his positive experience during his visit. Wow. I thought it was a pretty cool story…

Submitted By Gord M - June 24, 2014
Bravo Joe!
After buying and riding 3 bikes over the last year I found the one! The Scrambler is so smooth and effortless. Rides like a feather on rails. Triumph has done a brilliant job of maintaining the essence of the motorcycling experience in this very easy to ride bike. The Triumph Scrambler.
I couldn’t be happier and look forward to many miles going forward.
Best regards, Gord

Submitted By Emily A - June 24, 2014
I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at Blackfoot for hosting the my husband and I at the Triumph Dealer of the Year celebration. It was top notch beginning to end and all of the staff were very friendly and welcoming. Food was delicious and the set up inside worked very well. We really enjoyed it and are looking forward to more Triumph/Blackfoot events.
Thank you again!

Submitted By Ken M - June 13, 2014
Hi Roz
I just wanted to thank you for the organization of the demo ride yesterday. I found the rides very useful. The smokey lunch and coffee etc were very nice bonuses.
Hope you had a great day as well.
Ken M

Submitted By Terry W - June 13, 2014
Contact with Blackfoot Motosports continues to impress me. It is clear I made the right decision to do business with you folks. Thank you all.
Terry W

Submitted By James M - June 11, 2014
Broke a bolt on my bike, they got me in the same day and by five I was off to go dirt biking again! These guys bend over backwards for you. I've bought 3 bikes here and would never go anywhere else. Ask for Ron in sales, the guy kicks ass!

Submitted By Jason P- June 6, 2014
Hey Joe!!
Yup bike is great. I took it down the hiway this am, and I was extremely impressed with the torque and the handling. Didn't ride too long nor in a heavily populated's a chick bike, got pink on it!! My wife took it tonight for the first time and she absolutely loves it. She is extremely happy with it. Finds it easier to maneuver than her virago due to the fact she can touch flat footed. The only thing was that you had said it had a special edition paint job that set it aside form the standard, but it wasn't a paint job, it wax pin striping. Either or, it does cost a little to put it on. wife loves the bike and was very happy with the price we paid, which in turn, makes me a happy shopper. Definitely will stop in when we are down that way again. Great selection of accessories and I don't believe I have ever seen that much "shine" under one roof!! We were in and out in under 1hr and on our way home. Made it by 5pm, just before the kids got off the bus.
Thanks for the bike Joe and working with me "long distance". Will pass your name around to a couple buddies looking for bikes.
Enjoy the weekend, I know we will.
Jason P.

Submitted By Gill C- June 4, 2014
My thanks I've been out of riding for some time. I must tell you things have changed for the better. From your website to the dealership all first class couldn't have asked for anything better. 5 stars all around.
Gill C

Submitted By Byron C - June 4, 2014
Hi folks, I don't usually write about good or bad service, but today I was treated very important.
I was riding my motorcycle to blackfoot today to get a metal tag removed off a jacket that my girlfriend bought on the weekend. My clutch cable from my old Buell cyclone was seized as I drove up. I asked for some emergency help. Kevin a mechanic helped out by trying to adjust the clutch. The clutch seemed to be nfg... He said if it was anything but a Harley motor they'd be able to fix it. So being stuck at the shop they asked if they could do anything to help. I asked for a tow to my house (was $95 plus GST). They loaded up my bike and off we went. I was given the respect and loyalty that I only get from friends. These guys definitely impressed me. My next bike will be bought from Blackfoot.
Thanks Kevin and all the staff that helped out...

Submitted By Adrienne M - June 24, 2014
Thanks to Dave for making my first bike purchase go so smooth. My V7 is truly the ultimate newbie bike and has been easy to get used to. You rock! I'll definitely send folks to you.
And Cynthia, thanks for being patient and staying a bit late for me to get sorted. Keep bringing the "girly" awesomeness to that place. Robert, in parts, I will be back to see you for sure. (-:

Submitted By Mike S - May 31, 2014
RE: Motorcycle Purchase – Sales service provided by Dave Anderson
It is not often that I feel inspired enough to provide written feedback on services that I have received. In this case an exception is warranted. My first motorcycle purchase from Blackfoot was three years ago. I dealt with Dave Anderson at that time. He was helpful, courteous and able to answer any questions I had. He listened to what type of bike I was looking for and guided me in the right direction. The purchase process was painless as Dave made sure the details were taken care of. As a result I bought a bike that I have thoroughly enjoyed for the past three years. Over that time I have stayed in touch with Dave and he has kept me up to date on interesting new bike arrivals. As a result of Dave’s most recent notice on a bike he thought I might like, I have purchased another bike from Blackfoot. Again Dave helped to ensure the process was as smooth and pleasant. All the details were taken care of. I look forward to enjoying this bike as well.
I have managed many staff in my professional career and know the importance of feedback. The service I have received from Dave over the past three years has been excellent. Dave’s efforts have resulted in me purchasing another bike from Blackfoot.

Submitted By Jamie M, Yamaha Demo Tour - May 30, 2014
Blackfoot MS do it well. An unbelievable motorcycle marketplace. A very organized Power Tour Demo day. Solid Lead / Sweep help, Sales staff in the parking lot, Marketing guru at the waiver table, Sidewalk clothing sale and BBQ. $10 donation to Children’s Hospital well received. All consumers left very happy with a well thought out 35 minute ride on the hour which had a little bit of everything, and a well-run Demo Day. A good Welcome and Safety talk lead to a very positive experience for everyone. A total of 43 pre-reg riders, 6 rides, 36 waivers and 59 riders.

Solid thanks to Rozzie Lee for her enthusiasm and drive to put on a great Demo Day. Special thanks to Colin, Peter and Randy for their support throughout the day!
A Great Day… for riding under sunny skies and 22C!
Cheers, Jamie
yamaha demo day

Submitted By Leo D- May 23, 2014
It was my good fortune to stop by the shop for a small part to repair damage caused when my parked bike fell over this winter during some gusty winds! Lindsay Fixx and the parts folks were incredibly helpful and i walked away feeling pretty good and look forward to purchsing a new ride from Lindsay after my business builds up... thanks to all

Submitted By Tim B- May 13, 2014
I met Justin Swanson a couple of years ago and he's become my go to guy when it comes to maintaining my K1300s . I've found Justin to be upfront with me in regards to what my bike requires and not unnecessary work. I'd highly recommend when you set your appointment ask for Justin. Thanks Blackfoot for getting me all revved up for another riding season and keep up the good work. Cheers

Submitted By Barry P- May 6, 2014
Omg I can't believe I'm actually taking the time to write a positive experience on a purchase !!! My first purchase was from BMW Eric GS800 who is now grown into a go to guy in the dealership for me!!! Lindsey takes over on the trade up to S1000RR and Jason Justin Cynthia Jeff Wally and some mechs are now go to guys as well after they made things happen when it seemed like it was impossible !!! In a a 5 day span of the most swamped time of the year they had me on the bike of my dreams financed delivered 1000 Kim's break in done and reserviced and ready to go for my trip to BC !!! My other rides still a waiting parts after 1 month folks yes one month !!! But I'll be professional and let you guess what shop that is LOL omg is the bike industry small in this city and is the service ever different from shop to shop!!! Kept it up Blackfoot you have earned my business!!!!

Submitted By Jen and Jay- April 15, 2014
Hey Justin
Thanks again for helping Jay execute such an awesome surprise. I loved it! And you are so AWESOME!!
Jen :0)
jen motorcycle birthday

Submitted By Marie and Rick - April 15, 2014
Hi Justin I just wanted to thank you again for watching out for our motorcycles over the winter! We really appreciate you professionalism as well as your friendliness and concern. I have included a couple of photos that our daughter Ali took of Rick and the BMW last fall!
Take care and thanks again,
Marie and Rick
Rick Sunset Motorcycle

Submitted By Brent F- April 14, 2014
Came down from Edmonton this past weekend to pick up my new bike, a Moto Guzzi Griso! Over the past 2 years i have been talking to fantastic salesman in the eurosports division, Dave Anderson. Dave always took the time to talk to me on the phone when i would call as well as answer the many questions that i would pose to him. If you are in the market for a bike especially a european model Dave is the fellow to talk with!!! This is the second bike i have bought at Blackfoot and dealing with Dave has ensured that i will make my next bike purchase from him again! Thanks again Dave you really know how to treat a customer and i will pass your name around to those i know up here Edmonton! 5 out of 5 stars!!!!

Brent Guzzi

Submitted By Chad P- February 27, 2014

I would like to thank the Service team at Blackfoot. They have continuously gone above and beyond to assist me in every way possible, even when perceived issues were caused at my own expense. They didn't judge or complain they simply made sure they had a happy customer.

They even sent out two of their techs to my home to fix the issues on site. What other dealership or garage can say that in Calgary in any industry? You can search but I don't think you will find one. Justin (Service advisor), Kevin (tech) and Mark (tech) are absolutely spot on when it comes to customer service. Heck everyone I have dealt with in service has been very helpful. I have gone on about their service but trust me the guys in parts are awesome too,

I have yet to have a bad experience dealing at Blackfoot with any department. I haven't bought a bike new from them but the sales team is always talking to me and checking if I need anything when I am window shopping. I have read some reviews on google where there have been some bad experiences but you never know the circumstances. It could have been due to a bad day or misunderstanding, whatever the case I am confident that the Blackfoot team will make it right, try for yourself, you wont be disappointed

Submitted By Brian N - February 24, 2014

Bought a couple of KTMs motocross bikes from Ron N. at Blackfoot.. The entire process was awesome and it had to be because I live in Edmonton and came to Calgary to do the deal. None of the Edmonton dealers could deliver on the price like Blackfoot. It wasn't just the price that impressed me though. I appreciated the up-front, no BS deal and the good communication. I can't comment on the parts and services department because I have not used them and probably won't only because I live in Edmonton. It was a pleasure picking up the bikes. They were ready to go and Ron spent time making sure everything was delivered as expected. Friendly guys. The dealers I've bought bikes from in the past seem to treat you with very little respect - not at Blackfoot. Staff was great all around. Thanks guys!

Submitted By James H - February 17, 2014

I had heard that Blackfoot was not that great when I moved here. WRONG, I bought a BMW R1200GS and have had nothing but great service and great advice from the sales and parts staff. TKS Blackfoot!!!!!!!

Submitted By Dave P - February 15, 2014

Good afternoon

My new pride and joy is here at home now. The guy who delivered it was great (sorry I forgot his name) mentioned I should get a lock. So I did that at the local hardware store the fellow asked me if it was for my bike. Saying yes it’s for my new Triumph. He said WOW you went all out and got the best. Had to show pictures like a new dad of sorts. This bike is going to be a head turner in town might not get a lot of riding because of all the questions are going to be asked. I send them your way if they want one and I’m sure they will.

Dave P

Submitted By Danielle B - January 14, 2014

I just wanted to write and tell you that I was at the motorcycle show this past weekend and ONE sales guy talked to me. I must not look like I know what makes bikes go vroom vroom, but I do. Been riding for years. But that ONE salesguy was one of yours (Nelson, I believe). So, you’ll likely be getting my money when I decide which bike I want. A lot of people forward bad comments, but I wanted to pass on a good one because I was shocked that only one person engaged in conversation with me. Maybe I’m hideous or scary…who knows. But media salespeople know a lot of other people and I’ll be sure to spread the word as best I can to support you. Thanks and happy Monday!!

Submitted By Ken P - November 20, 2013

Was treated with the utmost respect!!!!!!! These people are awesome to deal with. Both my wife and I bought bikes here and gotthe best deal and best treatment possible. Even after the deal was done their followup showed they really cared and I will continue to deal with them in the future!

Submitted By Brad R- November 12, 2013

Jason, I had the pleasure...yes I said pleasure... of dealing with your service department on a KTM issue I had. Justin went way beyond the call of duty and continued to follow up with me and when I arrived Jeff immediately ran my bike into the shop and quickly resolved the issue. I have never been treated this well at any service department and I have been buying and riding motorcycles for over 40 years in Calgary.

I look forward to dealing with Blackfoot Motosports for another 40 years...

THANKS guys!!!

Submitted By Dave A- November 5, 2013


I was just in to deal with your service department, what a great pleasure to deal with real professionals!! They were outstanding this time, as well as the whole year. Today I dealt with Kevin and in the past I have dealt with Justin.

Dave A,
Vice President CBRE Limited

Submitted By Bill W- November 5, 2013

Good afternoon, I would like to share with you a positive experience that I had in your service dept. this morning. I brought my 1200 GS in for it’s first service, the guys opened the door, drove right in. The gentleman at the desk was right to work, booked in and all signed. Let me know that the bike would be done around noon. I wish I could have waited for it, but the end of the month and all…. Duty calls.

I did some walking around the dealership, look at a new helmet and new pants…. Came back to service the gentlemen called me a cab to head off to work. We chatted and waited…. Two cabs drove passed, never stopped.

Kevin noticed that was getting bored and tired of waiting….. He took it upon himself to ask the powers that be if he could drive me up to the NW. I would like to thank you, and Kevin for going out of his way to represent your dealership with amazing service above and beyond the call.

Thank you again,

Bill W

Submitted By Doug R - October 29, 2013

Dear Mr. MacRae,

I felt compelled to send you a short not about your staff in the service department. A few weeks ago I put my Sherpa in for upgrading and set up of the new carburetor I installed on the bike.

What a team of personnel you have, the staff involved in fulfilling what was needed to make it right for me were, Justin Swanson, Tobias Langer and Bret Hart. The work was completed, tested and the bike returned to me in top drawing operating condition.

The cost of service was well worth the outcome of excellent service. Your personnel, without any question, understand what customer service means and they delver it.

I will, without any reservation, continue to have Blackfoot Motosports service my motorcycles.

Doug R
Motorcycle Safety and Rider Training Instructor.

Submitted By Dylan W- October 28, 2013

Big thanks to Jason, Lucas, Ron, Darren and the Blackfoot team for putting 2 dream bikes in my garage. Such a pleasure to deal with and makes one feel like part of the family.Great service while taking the time to listen and understand ones wants and needs isn't all that common these days. Wife is asking me why I keep looking in the garage and I just smile at her.

Big thumbs up, thanks guys!

Submitted By Rami El Borini- October 23, 2013

My experience with their team member to name a few Joe Brooks, Andrew Cillis and Raul was really phenomenal, the dedication and time they spent helping me find not only what I was looking for but what was actually best for me in terms of bike or riding gear made it the best automotive purchase experience I had so far.

Submitted By Tyson K - October 15, 2013

I recently had Blackfoot service an on going issue with my Aprilia RSV4 Factory. They not only found the problem and dealt with it in a timely manner but took time to treat my machine as one of their own as well. To date in 15 years of riding I have never seen a shop take time to polish and grease the in and outs but my RSV4 looked like a million bucks when I picked it up! The whole team was amazing to deal with, the inventory is mind blowing, and they really do a great job making you feel like you just bought the store as soon as you pass thru the doors!

Simply an AMAZING EXPRIENCE right from the start to the vary end. I did not buy my bike from them but I promise to not make that mistake again. Special thanx to Jeff M. and his service team!

Submitted By David G - October 1, 2013

Thanks for the exceptional service Blackfoot Motosports! Blackfoot really smoothed out a rough patch in our recent trip from Victoria, BC to Winnipeg. During our return our KLR had fatal issues, leaving us in a serious bind, with little time before we both had to be back at work. Blackfoot fast tracked analysis of the KLR and worked quickly with us to resolve our travel dilemma once we realized it was going no where soon. After exploring several alternatives, we decided to trade what was left of the KLR on a new F800 gs. The bike was built and paperwork completed quickly and efficiently. The new bike got us home on schedule. Blackfoot made a difficult situation easier with their attention to our concerns, their patience with our questions and their extra effort in getting us back on the road in a timely manner. They even handled shipping our panniers back home for us.

Special thanks to Ron, Jason, Jeff, Erik, Darren & Cynthia. They all took a personal interest and helped make the experience a great one.

Submitted By James C - September 29, 2013

To whom it may concern:
I would like to thank you for providing a superb servicing experience when you recently managed the repair of my F800GS. The fact that you deal with people directly on the telephone and not rely on voice mail is a huge advantage. I bought my motorcycle at Argyll Motors and initially tried to service it there, but they did not communicate well. It is difficult for people living outside Calgary or Edmonton to co-ordinate service and you made it extremely easy. Thanks, again, and look forward to my business in the future!
James C

Submitted By Paddy M - September 27, 2013

Hello Dave,

I would like to take a moment to extend to you and the other personel at Blackfoot for being so helpful in my latest purchase. I am sure to get to know more about motorbikes and related tripping and events. Everyone has been great. Lucas who sold me my last bike. Joe who took me for a test ride on a Triumph. Juan who delivered my baby. You, Dave of course for putting up with my interruptions and lame humor. Even the financial department for taking all my hard earned money. Thanks for introducing me to the mechanical guys as well. I promise I won't take all my business to other grease monkies.

Take care,
Paddy M

Submitted By Lee S - September 23, 2013

Hello Jason,

I'm writing to let you know how impressed I am with Kevin McLaughlin's service!

A friend of mine lent me his KTM EXC 500 that he's recently purchased at Blackfoot Motosports. I'm returning the bike today and I noticed that one of the "cat-eye" reflectors was missing; I would have felt bad about returning the bike with the part missing so I sought help at your Service Dept.

Kevin was extremely welcoming and helpful, going out of his way to solve my problem; he searched high and low for the part, and immediately fixed it much to my relief... I appreciate Kevin's professionalism and promptness.

Congratulations! to your service dept., all the more so as this was the second time that I had such an amazing experience: on a previous occasion I had a faulty head light bulb (on the same motorbike) replaced on the spot!

All the best to you and your team,
Lee S.

Submitted By Patrizia W - September 13, 2013

I had the opportunity to deal with Jared in parts, wow what service! I literally phoned just about everywhere in the province for a specific part and had no luck. He was very eager to help and did a great job tracking down what I needed for a decent price and reasonable shipping time. Thank you!

Submitted By Perry A - September 14, 2013

Thanks to you and the guys for an excellent (GS Training) program. Special thanks to Toby for the water delivery in the middle of a pile of mud!!

I was frustrated not to be able to complete the course but had a good time anyway! Also, kudos to the service dept as well. Not only they reinflate my tires but also offered to wash my bike as well. Totally unexpected, but greatly appreciated !!

Once again, many thanks!!

Perry A

Submitted By Wade E - September 10, 2013

I have been a customer of Blackfoot Motosports for many, many years, having purchased a number of dirt bikes there for both myself and my sons as they were growing up, and street bikes for myself. I have always received excellent, knowledgeable and respectful service from Blackfoot.

To name a few, it just doesn't get any better than dealing with Joe, Ron, and Cynthia in sales, Andrew in clothing, Mike in parts, Justin and Jeff in service...all of them are great people and always seem to want to help, whatever it takes. I just named a few but honestly, all the Blackfoot staff have treated me well, every time I have been in there (like that wizard kid they keep back in service, that can buff a scuff mark/paint discolouration off a bike and make it look better than new...never got his name, lol).

As an example, my son and I were in today to discuss a concern he had on a recently purchased street bike. We went to the service bay and asked to speak to the Triumph mechanic. The fella behind the counter didn't even blink, he just went and got him for us. The mechanic (Jeff) came out to talk with us, listened to my son's concern, took his bike for a test ride, spent at least 15 minutes talking about the bike with us and also spent at least another 15 minutes with the bike in his bay checking it out. Jeff invited us back to his work bay to show us what he was checking, and explained it all in good detail. My son received knowledgeable advice from him, delivered in a very respectful and polite manner.

When we were done my son tried to get Jeff to write up a work order for the time he had spent (so he could pay for it) but Jeff wouldn't hear of it. His only reply was "you bought the bike here and we want you to be happy with it".

THAT is why I always go to Blackfoot first, for any of my biking needs - the friendly service that they have always provided me, in all of their departments. I have bought bikes from other dealers over the years and it has been my experience that none of the shops in Calgary can compete with Blackfoot's overall service level in all of the various departments.

I could write a book on all of the good experiences I have had with Blackfoot Motosports, never had a bad one, ever. It is the reason why I always think of them first for any of my biking needs. If Blackfoot can match a competing dealer's price on a new bike (or even get close for that matter), I will always buy from them. Great shop, great people.

Submitted By Larry and Sharon G - September 9, 2013

To whom it may concern,

I would like to thank your organization for the extreme helpfulness that you showed me and my wife on August 12, 2013.

We had stopped by your shop to purchase a head light bulb for a 2003 Goldwing Trike and had asked if it would be possible to have the bulb installed. Your service department didn't hesitate to begin working on the replacement of the bulb. One individual had removed the bulb and apparently wasn't sure on how to install the new bulb. Another young man worked on the installation for a while and finally went to the internet to find out how the bulb was installed and within minutes the bulb was installed.

I am very impressed with how competent your mechanics and service people are, and how friendly they are. They were able to overcome a problem and get us on our way in a very friendly manner.

My wife and I were travelling through Canada for the first time and found the hospitality of your contry to be second to none. We are from Lincon, Nebraska and I again want to thank you and your service department and mechanics for making our trip through Canada one to never forget.

Again Thank you,
Larry and Sharon G

Submitted By Lanchi M - September 2, 2013

Thank you for AWESOME customer service!! I just wanted to give BIG thanks to Blackfoot for the incredible service from everyone involved from the start until now. I am new to riding so going into Blackfoot for the first time made me a little nervous - stepping into territory I know nothing about. I was pleasantly surprised however.

Their friendly and helpful staff was with me every part of the way to get me set up with everything that I needed specifically for me. From the purchase of my bike to my leathers to accessories and with servicing my recalls. They really put in that extra effort to give you that happy, fun and exciting experience. Starting my riding is a big thing and they kept my experience exciting as it should be for everyone!! I was ecstatic walking out of there!

It's so nice to see a business where the level of service is fantastic across the board. For me, customer service is a make it or break it - these guys definitely make it!! Thank you, Jay, Cynthia, Ray, Darren and everybody involved when I purchased my bike. You got me my bike to ride in a snap! Love my ninja! Tobi, thank you, you are awesome for getting my bike back to me way sooner than expected. I was the happiest little rider over the long weekend!
Happy safe riding!

Submitted By Carolyn - July 8, 2013
Dear Kris and staff at service, Many thanks for your recent help with servicing my electric bike. It went down during a stressful time due to flooding, and I was happy to have it back to continue my work to help several friends who were needed a lot of help.
I sincerely appreciate your kindness regarding the repair.

Submitted By Andy E - July 3, 2013
Hi Jason:
I just wanted to reach out and thank you guys for the great job in getting Diana’s 2013 Guzzi Stone back together after her transmission mishap. We have only had a chance to put a few miles on it since the repair work was completed, but so far it is running great.

I was really impressed with how responsive Justin, Jeff and you were on this issue. I especially appreciated Jeff showing me first-hand the components that failed… as a weekend gear-head that meant a lot to me.

Please pass my thanks and appreciation along to both Justin and Jeff.

Thanks, Andy E

Submitted By Mike F - June 26, 2013
Just want to say that I had my bike into the shop a few weeks ago for its 30k tune-up. I bought the bike used here a few years ago and had it serviced before but I have to say that after this service my bike has never run better. I think the tech's name was Lin - I assume you can look it up- and I hope someone can pass this on to him. Great job. I will be back and requesting this tech.

Submitted By Greg "WANDRR" Turp - June 13, 2013
Thanks to Justin and Blackfoot motorsports for getting us fixed up and on the road again. We are in the middle of a 15,000+ mile motorcycle trip for Eldridge Children's Home. Follow our trip and share with your friends, and throw us a donation. Cheers.

Submitted By Murray C - June 7, 2013
Dear Pat, Jason and Doug,

Just wanted to provide some positive feedback to Blackfoot Motosports and BMW Canada.

I recently participated in the BMW demo ride May 10 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Things that made it special included Rozzie Lee's handling of the booking process and follow-up.

For me, a much better evaluation of the BMW R1200GS was possible due to the ride to/from Bragg Creek with a short coffee break in the middle. Well done to whoever thought that was a much better way to satisfy customer curiosity in a particular machine. Also sent a nice message that Blackfoot is interested in providing a meaningful and quality customer experience.

Kind regards, Murray

Submitted By Dylan W - May 6, 2013
Just wanting to give everyone at Blackfoot a big thanks for the awesome service across the board and helping me get onto my new Aprilia RSV4 Factory. Everyone was great to deal with and helpful and it made the experience very positive.
Wow...what a bike, It's such an amazing piece. It's so much more compliant than my 1199 Panigale was.It goes where you want it to without too much fuss and it's way less work than the Pani. Midrange coming out of corners is amazing and it's a whole lotta fun. Can't wait to get the pipe and the race ECU in there...cause it's not fast enough the way it is ..right...haha.
Having this and the vmax in the garage will be the perfect duo for different purposes.
Thanks again!
Dylan W

Submitted By Mike K - April 26, 2013

I wanted to follow up on the repair job that you arranged regarding my KTM. I picked up the completed bike yesterday afternoon and returned the loner bike that was provided. I have to say the entire experience was excellent, from your initial response to the follow up and subsequent repair. The bike was ready as promised, and all of your staff, that I had dealings with, were very professional and helpful.
I am very particular about my machine and very meticulous about detail, which can be difficult for techs to please. I have always believed that when working on a machine, that attention to every detail is very important and have been disappointed in the past. Things like airbox drain hoses left disconnected, brake lines routed on the outside of forks instead of inside (like they were) dust caps on bleed screws lost, fairing bolts of different lengths in the wrong holes. It has, in the past, shaken my confidence in the overall quality of the service. This last experience was very different.
It appears that a shift in thinking and attitude may be happening, and if so, I very much like what I see. I have been a long standing customer at Blackfoot, having both bought and serviced various machines and gear over the past 17 years. The biggest frustrations have always come from the difficulties of trying to even get through (on the phone) to any department. I have in the past also had difficulties with communications in service, but that has really improved. If that is your doing, then I commend you and thank you for your continued efforts in that regard. Thank you and your staff for making this last service experience a good one!


Mike K

Submitted By CM - April 18, 2013
Good Morning, I just wanted to check in with you and see how things are going and pass along a story that was relayed to me by one of the engineers I work with. He's been shopping for a mid-sized 4x4 quad for quite a while and went out last weekend to look for one, his first stop was at Bow to look at Can-Am, the salesman there didn't seem to interested in selling him anything other than a 800-1000cc machine and even claimed that Can-Am didn't make quads in the size he was looking for. His next stop was Blackfoot where he talked with Doug, who he said was fantastic to deal with and put him onto a great deal on a 2012 Yamaha 550. He was thrilled with the service he got from Blackfoot and very happy with his purchase.

Just though you'd be interested to hear.

Submitted By Kevin L - March 26, 2013
Hey Justin,

Didn't get a chance to talk to you tomorrow but the service went well and I got my bike in about 5-6 hours so it was perfect.  I wanted to thank you for your help getting it all set up and organized.  The bike in incredible.  Please also do me a favor if you can and thank Dan Watt for me (I think that was his name from the work order) for the work he did installing my parts/service, I forgot to thank him yesterday.

Cheers! Kevin L

Submitted By Subs n Bubbles - March 18, 2013
Thanks a million to Blackfoot motor sports @BlackfootOnline for fixing our generator!! Bubble tea is good to go!

Submitted By Stew and Karen - March 1, 2013
Hi, we just had an excellent shopping experience at Blackfoot motorsports. Mike and parts and service went to some options for putting hard bags on my wife's cruiser and we came up with something better than we thought we could get for a lot less we thought we'd have to spend. We love the store because everybody smiling everybody's friendly.

We started coming here for Erik Noesgaard, who is awesome and always our first contact when looking at bikes. And we found out that everyone else's friendly and helpful too!

Thanks, Stew and Karen.

Submitted By Diana B - February 28, 2013
You got a CHEER in my book, The Mom Who Took Off On Her Motorcycle! You serviced my BMW G 650 GS motorcycle on our way back from Alaska and my husband's, too! Thanks for your wonderful service and great professionalism!
Diana Bletter

Submitted By Catherine M - February 24, 2013
Hello Ray,
I didnt get a chance to say goodbye, but I wanted to say thank you so much! you are so knowledgeable and the definition of great customer service! Have a wonderful day!
Thank you,
Catherine M

Submitted By Tim B - February 4, 2013
Just wanted to send a note commenting on Dave Anderson in sales. I bought a bike from your store and he was more than patient and helpful. I've come in to see him often over the past year and he is always pleasant, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and just plain fun to chat with. He comes across as no pressure, pleasure to deal with sort of sales.!! I also put a bike there on consignment and same treatment, he his always the same genuine Dave. I would surely not hesitate (and probably won't) to buy from him again. Also he would be my first suggestion for anyone looking to purchase.
Thanks for reading, and all the best...
Tim B

Submitted By Kevin K - October 16 2012
Hi Jason its Kevin with the 07 blue venture that you did warranty and service work on my bike last winter. I am going to speak frankly about the service and sales I have been involved with over the last 5 - 7 years when I bought the first of 2 bikes from blackfoot. Bought the first bike for my wife around 2005 or 2006 it was a yamaha 125 ttr which we still have and will be handed down to our 12 year old son next year as he is out growing his Suzuki jr 80.That Bike was bought from Brad who moved on to Bow cycle . I have never had an issue with anything with that bike. I did notice that the service dept was running way behind during the busier times to the point that I looked to have vwork done elswhere because the waiting times were ridiculous since our riding time in this part of the country can be quite short. Honestly just trying to get tires on my 650 DR was almost impossible to get in.

One day my wife and I were in blackfoot and came across the used 07 venture that we ended up buying. The price was good and the bike was like brand new. the orginial sale went well and I did have a problem right away with the battery not being able to hold a charge and I spoke to the salesmanger and he gave me a new battery to put in and its worked great.WE bought in June and that summer I was out to Osoyooos once and Vancouver 4 times and the bike ran like a top.The following Spring I pulled the bike out of storage and noticed that that Antifreeze was seeping on the motor. I went to Blackfoot service dept and was told that it would take 10- 14 days to get it in and if it was something serious it may be down for up to 6 weeks. I told the young fellow that I was not prepared to have the bike down for that long during our short riding season that we have. I told him I would keep an eye on it and if it became serious I would bring it back otherwise I was riding my bike untill the fall at which time blackfoot could have all winter to repair it as it was still under warranty. I rode it for the summer, went down to Osoyoos once and late Summer I headed out to Toffino on the island. The Antifreeze started to leak a bit more once I got out to Gibsons but I was able to tourqe the bolts a little snugger and I got the leak back down to weeping. I did go to the Yamaha dealer in Comox and he was more than happy to do the warranty work but it would take about a week to get the parts in. So close and yet so far. I did not have a week to wait for parts so I decided to return back to Calgary and go to Toffino another time. I was able to get back to Calgary only having to top up the Antifreeze once in Abbotsford. Riding season was coming to an end so I think I was able to ride pretty much till the end of Oct and which time I returned To Blackfoot where I set up an apt to have the work done and it was the first time I met you and you advised me on what service work needed to be done.You did a great job on the bike and this Summer when I needed new tires I was able to get them at a fair price and even have them installed at at Blackfoot. In the past I felt that once the sale was made and Blackfoot had the money we were pretty much at the mercy of a company that really did not care about service but Jason since you have came on board I believe that Blackfoot will do its best to look after servicing Customers. Jason thank you for the great job that you and your staff did from getting the parts to the technician that did the work. I was only able to get out to Osoyoos once this Summer and the bike ran great. Oh Well there is always next year for more adventures for me and my Venture.
Thanks Again
Kevin K

Submitted By Derek - October 2 2012
I just wanted to write and let you know how impressed I was with your service and attention to detail you placed on fixing my bike. I'm pretty fussy, as most of us riders are, but over 30 years of doing most bike work myself, I didn't expect you and your team could go to the next level. You did! Especially the windscreen. Very nice! Can't say enough about you guys to others.
Thanks, Derek

Submitted By Richard S via Twitter- September 7 2012
Big shout out of thanks to @BMWMotorrad Canada and @BlackfootOnline Calgary for fixing clutch of my #F650GS out of warranty. Great service!

Submitted By Evan E via Facebook- August 27, 2012
You guys saved my ass with a dead battery and a quick turnaround a week ago. Thank you so much. Jeff Mason is the man.

Submitted By Darren H - August 27, 2012
Hi Robert,
I was in to see both you and Danny in service last Thursday. I wanted to thank you both for your quick and friendly assistance when I showed up without an appoinmemt with a damaged rear tire on my GS. Dealing with both of you truly was a pleasure. What a difference between your shop and the one in Edmonton. Please forward this message to management so they can hear what a great job you guys are doing.
Thanks again. Darren H.

Submitted by Dave G via Google - August 22, 2012
Please read this review and take it to heart. I was BLOWN AWAY by the service that I received from Blackfoot. I bought a used bike in May of this year. Bike looked great, ran great, couldn't have been happier with the purchase. The used bike came with the 30 day warranty, and I had no issues until about 90 days after purchase. There was a small electrical problem, that only manifested after this time, and a long road trip. I contacted Blackfoot and they couldn't have been more helpful. Even though I was well outside the warranty window, they stood by their product 100 percent. They could have easily told me that I was out of lick, instead they even offered to make arrangements for pick up and drop off because I lived out of town. They even made it a priority so I wouldn't miss any more riding days. I live in Edmonton, and will make the trip back to Calgary in a heartbeat when it comes time to buy another bike. I have already brought another friend there and he too has bought a used bike from them. If you are from out of town, don't let that scare you. These guys do GREAT business and will make sure that you get the service and product that you want, need and love. These guys wrote the book on service.

Submitted by Dave L- Excellent Service at Blackfoot - August 20, 2012
Hi Doug,
I had to send you a note because I find that everyone loves to complain when they can but when they get excellent service and are treated fantastic, they say thanks and that’s it. I had a diff seal go bad on the 2011 Concours 14 and I took the bike into your Service Dept. to check out the leak. The level of attention and the way I was treated goes beyond fantastic. I really want to single out Jeff and Justin. They both do fantastic work and are the reason your Service Dept. is becoming so successful. Jeff kept me in the loop even though we had some misadventures (which happens everywhere) but Jeff was totally professional and I was more than satisfied with his level of performance. Justin is obviously a key player in your company and he deserves recognition for his extremely high level of customer interactions and professionalism. He is a very hard working individual with customer skills that you cannot afford to lose. I trust he is valued as much by BF as he obviously is by your customers! Even though the repair took longer than we had anticipated, the honesty and communication put me at ease and was respected. I will highly recommend Blackfoot time and time again. Once again, thanks Doug for being my dealership these last 13 years.
Best Regards, Dave L.

Submitted by Barry Z - August 20, 2012
Hello i purchased a kawasaki mule 500 in 1995 would you like to see what it look like after 17 years ? it has served me well replaced 2 batteries- replaced the seat and gas tank - till has same tires - - i was asked once by kawasaki if i would buy another one- i said NO- this one will last me a life time- im 64 years old have been in wheel chair since 1973 - for the lat 17 years the mule has been my legs - i lived in golden when i bought it from your dealer $5000.00 we had horses in golden and hauled hay summer and winter plus anything else -for last 12 years have lived on vancouver island it has hauled everything from stumps to garbage cans- you can show customers what the mule looks like after 17 years -if they look after one - lol
- barry z. bowser vancouver island

Calgary Sun Letter to Editor - Thank You Calgary Drivers - August 5, 2012
Visiting Calgary from Vancouver, we rode our motorcycles into Calgary in the middle of a severe hailstorm. Riding in rush-hour traffic on unfamiliar roads in pouring rain with deep puddles making the already slippery roads treacherous. Under these tough conditions we first experienced Calgary courtesy. Drivers consistently made space for us. We experienced similar driver courtesy through the three days of our visit to Calgary. We are also thankful to the folks at Blackfoot Motosports whose 'can do' attitude helped us with an unexpected repair with short notice. I now know the meaning of 'Calgary Spirit' and for me it includes the words: 'welcome', 'courtesy' and 'can do'.
Brian R, Vancouver.
(Take a bow folks, that's how we should treat all guests in our city.)

Submitted by Carl R- Thanks for the fast delivery - July 26, 2012
Just wanted to say thank you for the fast transport. Only way to get it any faster would be to ride it home. Talk soon.
Regards, Carl R

Submitted by Dale E via Facebook - July 20, 2012 v
Thanks to Wallie Polintan, the top notch Accessories Specialist, who helped me resolve a fitting problem with my System 6 helmet. Its a long story but the world should know that my problem was addressed with a "can do" attitude. Great service and refreshingly helpful. Every business needs guys like Wallie. Good for him and good for Blackfoot. Thanks!!

Submitted by Doug - Thank You - July 18, 2012
Hi. I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks. Last week I was in need of a new rear tire and I was in the middle of a two week road trip. From my initial call to your dealership to riding away with my new tire my experience was terrific. You need to be complimented on the cleanest and well stocked store I have ever had the experience of being in. Everyone was so polite and professional. I really appreciated how quickly you performed the work allowing me to get back on the road without losing a half a day or more. Thank you very much. It’s just too bad you’re a 3 day ride from Toronto or you would have all my business.
Cheers. Doug (2006 - K1200s)

Submitted by John H via Facebook - July 12, 2012
The first day of my tour of the USA I had left home in Vernon, BC and had arrived in Calgary, ready to head South. I started to have a problem with my BMW K1200LT, I rode it to BLACKFOOT MOTORSPORTS, after explaining the problem to the young man in the service department the shop foreman, I believe his name was Tobi came and talked to me, they took my bike into the shop. Within the hour I was riding away with a big smile on my face and ready to put many miles on my trip. If I lived in Calgary, BLACKFOOT would be the service shop that looked after my bike.
Thanks BLACKFOOT had a wonderful trip. John H.

Submitted by Thomas H - Posted on our Twitter - July 10, 2012
Have to give a shout out to @blackfootonline for getting my BMW in for service on short notice, saved my trip to the BMWOA rally

Submitted by Brian B - Thank You - July 9, 2012
Thanks to Dave, Janess and the shop for getting my new tires installed on my R1150RT. You got me out quickly and I made it to Idaho Falls in time for the fireworks! Thanks also to Jason for the tour. Y'all have a nice set up!

Submitted by Dave & Anne N - Thanks - July 7, 2012
I did a very stupid thing by trying to get too many miles from a rear tire. I arrived at the end of the Road to the Sun in Glacier Park and noticed my rear tire was starting to delaminate. I knew there was a dealer in Calgary and decided to go there and see if they could put on a new one. We were some distance from Manitoba and home. I arrived and they checked to see if they had a tire and immediately took the bike in. In less than an hour I was back on the road. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance to a very stupid BMW owner.
We arrived home today and have to thank you for our great trip…
Dave & Anne N (Manitoba)

Submitted by Kevin V via Facebook - July 7, 2012
Wanted to thank you guys for looking after me on Friday afternoon. Your service department was amazingly efficient and fixed the leaky F/D on my GSA in no time. Your team also checked for, and repaired an outstanding recall.

As a wayward traveller (from Ottawa) just passing through town, the quick turn-around and the superior treatment were greatly appreciated. Truly beyond my expectations and a shining example of what customer service is about.
Kudos, and Thanks again!

Submitted by Kathy R via Facebook - June 30, 2012
Very impressed with the customer service from the service department. Thanks for fixing my BMW and negotiating with BMW around the warranty. I really appreciate it.

Submitted By Jason G via Google - June 18th, 2012
I'm working in Calgary but live in Fort McMurray (yeah, I know backwards, right?). I own a CBR1100XX and had put about 3k km's on it in a week and a half. I didn't realize how stretched my chain was until I heard dragging on my centre stand. I pulled into Blackfoot right at 6pm and explained the issue and how the bike is my only means of transportation here in Calgary. Dan and the guys said no problem, bring it by the next morning and they would do what they can. I dropped it off, took a cab to work and at the end of the day it was ready. Dan and the girl working at the service desk (sorry, I can't remember your name!) were great, they were friendly, the work was top notch and very reasonably priced. I was only charged the labour the tech actually spent on the bike, so it was slightly less than originally quoted. Just the week prior, I had to replace the battery in the old Blackbird, and Robert from service hooked me up with a lithium battery and charger for an excellent price. So, I've never bought a bike from them (I have 6 in the garage though), but in regards to parts and service, Blackfoot has been top notch, and I will continue to give them my business for both my street and dirt machines. Thanks for all the help, Folks! Keep up the great work, it's a pleasure to come to the store.

Submitted by Jack R via Facebook - May 24, 2012
Good customer service by Danny Boleszczuk today! Thanks!

Submitted by Alex H - Customer Service - May 23, 2012
Good Morning, I wanted to take a moment and let you know about the fantastic service I received at your shop on Friday, May 18, 2012. I had an appointment for an oil change at 08:00. Justin was the person I dealt with, and he is fantastic. He fully explained the process with me as I never had servicing done at your shop before, and he answered all of my questions fully.
Keep up the great work Justin.
Alex H.

Submitted by Jeff S - Thank You - May 10, 2012
To Blackfoot Motorsports Management, I wanted to send a thank you and let you know how very impressed I was with the service I received from 2 of your employees. First off, Jeff the service manager who made my problem with my 2011 Thunderbird Storm a top priority so I could get my bike back as fast as possible, the speed at which my problem was delta with just blew me away. I realize at this time of year all of you are very busy so thank you Jeff for looking after me so quick! Secondly Justin, this guy goes above and beyond to make sure a guy is taken care of. He lined up everything for me and really made this easy. My situation is I live in medicine hat and I'm on call every second week so the last thing a guy wants to be doing is running in and out of a city 3 hours away on his weekend off. He kept me informed as to what was going on, which is something you don't get a lot of these days! He really treats a person like they are his top priority and that has to be hard when you are juggling a bunch of guys that want to be out riding. Thank you Justin. I did not purchase my bike through your dealership as I was living in Edmonton when I bought my bike and thought I would be there for a long time. You can rest assured after the service I received from your dealership that my next purchase will be through your dealership! Lastly I would also like to point out how friendly I found all the staff from the service end right through to the showroom.
Thank you all very much, Jeff S.

Submitted by Lou C via Facebook - May 10, 2012
I am writing this to thank CHRIS from the service department. Thank you Chris, as you know, I bought my bike from out of province. I was worried as I never saw, heard nor rode my M109R before I bought it. You were my eye's and ear's, and you did not let me down, nor let the deal of the year pass me by. You put me and the entire process at ease. I appreciate all the foot work you did for me, your judgement was spot on!!!!! Thank you Chris. If I lived in Calgary, you would most certainly be the guy I brought my bike to.
Mitchell in BC

Submitted by Brian F, Regional Sales Manager, Western US/Canada, REV'IT! - April 30, 2012
Dear Pat,
I wanted to extend a thank you for the hospitality this weekend in Calgary. It was an invaluable first hand experience to see Blackfoot in person. I am proud to have you as a dealer and partner in building the brand.

Your staff in every department had the focus to ensure the customer experience comes first. Blackfoot should be the envy of every dealer and overall your store is simply the best example of how retail should be presented to create success. Also, please extend my thanks to your family as well for allowing me to infiltrate their home. I look forward to coming again.
Kind Regards,
Brian F.

Submitted by Ron O - Service on Saturday April 28th, 2012
Had my bike in last Saturday for an oil change, final drive oil change and a new back tire. I was impressed with Dan's attitude! The bike was checked in ahead of the 9 o'clock opening and was returned on time. Very impressed with the level of service. Keep it up!
Ron O.

Submitted by Joe Moore - April 23, 2012
In for a drop in tire change at 9:00 am out at 10:10 am. Thanks CHris and the rest of the service team

Submitted by Jay N - My Bandit Thanks - April 12, 2012
Hi Jason,
I just wanted to let you know that I got my bike back yesterday. It felt great! The guys did a fantastic job. In addition, when the bike was delivered, the guy who did so, thought it was dusty. He asked my permission to give it a quick cleaning as well. (I think it was Jeff. He said he used to be on the race team).
Jay N

Submitted by Gary T- April 8, 2012
I also wanted to thank you and Blackfoot Motorsports for making this purchase very smooth and with absolutely no regrets what so ever on my behalf. Any questions or concerns I had were dealt with on a very professional and timely manner. The 2007 Suzuki SV1000S took a little time and few starts to acclimatization to our elevation and with a fresh tank of Hi-octane gas the bike is running sooooo very smooth now. I could not be more pleased, The fact that your team did so very much including the out of province inspection and releasing the bike to me road ready (thanks to the new front tire Blackfoot installed). I would not hesitate to recommend a friend or a complete stranger to purchase from your Professional group of employees. P.S. remember when we did the safety inspection together and we found the owners manual and not the toolkit, well after reading the owners manual thoroughly I found the toolkit it was under the battery box.
Thanks again, Gary T

Submitted by Jeff C- Job well done! - April 30, 2011
To the Service Department,
I just wanted to express my appreciation to your staff and to JR in particular. My Triumph was involved in an accident last October, and has since been sorted out and back on the road. I heard some negative reviews of your service department in the past, but my experience has been very positive. I spent over thirty years in the automotive service industry and understand what it takes to excel. Communication and a little extra effort goes a long way to making the service experience a little more pleasant. I would be happy to recommend your shop to anyone around.
Keep up the good work! Thanks again, Jeff C.

Submitted by Sarah - Thank You So Much - June 12, 2010
Hi Rozzie, I picked up my vespa today and she's lovely. Thanks for all your help & please thank Patrick for me & all the rest of your staff. Being a fair weather rider, at the moment, it's the first time I've been into Blackfoot & I was very impressed. Todd (I think) was very helpful & the girl in the back office was very friendly. Impressive.
Safe riding & sunny summer, Sarah

Submitted by Terry - Thanks to Blackfoot Motorsports - June 07, 2010
Hi Jeff M, I would like to thank everyone involved in resolving my bike issue - management, Service Department, finance guys, BMW, etc. I would especially like to thank Lin for the care he has always shown me, and for working so hard to get my bike ready. Jeff, I have always valued the advice you have given me, and you deserve my thanks for all you have done to make me happy and to keep me riding.
Thanks to all. Terry

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